Conan down under

Conan O’Brien was recently in Australia (as seen on Bondi Rescue) and this week presented Conan Without Borders: Australia.

He tried his hand at Aussie slang, survives the Outback, shows off his lifeguarding skills and plays a little AFL.

You can check more videos here.


  1. italianguy1987

    no one, no one, no one speaks in slang in australia. we say ”hello there, would you like a bottle of beer?’ not ”g’day sheila. do you want a stubby?”. why can’t we tell americans we speak normal and just like them. yes we have slang for things which makes our culture great but no one uses them all the time. i wish americans would stop thinking we go around saying slang all the time. we speak normal english.

    • Worst attempt at an Australian accent I’ve ever heard! Glad she asked him if he was a pirate as all along that’s what I was thinking he sounded like LOL. The Australian accent is nothing like it used to be. We get so much American TV and movies here that I think young people have more of an American accent these days.

    • I’ve never heard anyone say “hello there, would you like a bottle of beer?”. Haven’t heard ‘sheila’ used much in my travels (other than occasional use on TV). ‘Stubby’ on the other hand, is very much the norm.

      • Yep tinny or stubby for me as well depending what’s in the fridge, and of course grab me a long neck isn’t that uncommon either on those particularly warm days.

        • Our use of slang depends on most circumstances, and although the majority of us use it, we normally wouldn’t use it in a day-to-day setting. Chatting with mates I’d use some slang, but the majority of the time it doesn’t just ‘fill up my sentences’ and it’s never consistently used.

          I’m not really sure if ‘Gabrielle Rogers’, Conan’s mysterious voice/dialect coach, is truly aussie anymore…

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