Easter non-ratings go to Seven

With the first of 2 non-ratings weeks of Easter a number of profile shows were off the air, although MKR, Bachelor in Paradise, Dancing with the Stars and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering ploughed on.

Seven News on Sunday topped the week at 1.03m viewers and was the only show to average above the magic million.

Seven finished ahead of Nine. 10 is yet to rise above ABC in survey this year.

Seven: 30.0
Nine: 27.2
ABC: 18.6
10: 16.4
SBS: 7.8

Primary channel:
Seven: 20.0
Nine: 17.8
ABC: 13.3
10: 10.7
SBS: 5.1

9GO!: 4.3
7mate: 3.8
7TWO / 10 Bold: 3.4
ABC KIDS / Comedy: 3.0
9GEM: 2.7
9Life: 2.4
10 Peach: 2.3
7flix: 2.2
SBS Food: 1.0
ABC ME: 0.7
7food: 0.6
NITV: 0.2

Seven won 16-39 and 18-54.

Seven won every night except Monday which fell to Nine.

Seven claimed Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth while Nine held in Sydney & Brissy.

OzTAM Survey ratings resume on Sunday.


  1. They spent many years branding themselves as the young, hip channel. I think that changing that is a years-long challenge. I find too many shows don’t reflect my values. That is not to say that the others do, but they are more neutral, whereas 10 seem to be trying to push an agenda….the reason that is a problem for 10 is the changing modes of tv watching for young people. 10 have realised that to be viable they have to appeal to the older demo, but they haven’t yet caught up with the programming that way. This is where 7 works, because they use their range of channels to pull in the different strands of older demo viewing. 10’s other channels seem wasted.

  2. IMHO it’s a perception thing. Number three. Third rate network. CBS had the ultimate opportunity to fix that and rebrand (maybe as “CBS” – logical channel1, “CBS2” – channel 10, “CBS3” – channel 11, or other) but they screwed it up. Aussies seem to lap up the US culture and they could still fix it, make some hard decisions, and clean out some of the rubbish. Ball is in their court. Jazz it all up, rebrand, and get people talking, thinking about them – and watching…

  3. It’s frustrating. I’m watching 10 more than ever this year ( except Bachelor franchise). 10 is the home of comedy and panel type shows, which I enjoy.

  4. Maev....Sydney

    I do not know what is the answer for 10….They have put up some really good programs….yes..I hear you yelling…not to everyone’s taste…but no program ever is everything, to everyone….
    They have come up with so many different ideas….I don’t understand why, they are not doing much better….do people not even try them out?!?….and if not…why not.

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