Hothouse Drama Program script optioned with Screentime

Writer Matt Ford named as the winner of the script initiative conducted by Nine, Screentime and Scripted Ink.

Writer Matt Ford (Love Child, House Husbands, Satisfaction) has been named as the winner of the inaugural Hothouse Drama Program conducted by Nine, Screentime and Scripted Ink.

His script Alice Black will go into the next stage of development with Screentime.

Ford (pictured, centre) was a finalist of the drama initiative along with Jacklyn Bassanelli (creator of Evergreen and script intern on Wentworth S7), and Jessica Brookman (Nowhere Boys, The Secret Daughter, Neighbours). Each developed two story ideas, pitching their drama concepts to Nine and Screentime.

“I’m excited – this has been a fabulous opportunity and I want to thank everyone — Screentime, Nine, and especially Jessica and Jacklyn. I’ve loved working with them and I really hope we can work together again very soon,” said Matt Ford.

Screentime’s Executive Chairman Bob Campbell said: “This initiative has generated many great new drama ideas from three very talented writers. We are looking forward to working with Matt as his concept titled Alice Black goes into the next phase of early development.”

Scripted Ink.’s Jacqueline Elaine said, “This kind of investment in screenwriters is what fuels the creation of high-quality Australian drama and we’re delighted that six new projects have had this opportunity through the Hothouse Initiative. It’s been exciting to have Nine involved in this process, including selecting the final winner, and to see how Scripted Ink can work in collaboration with the industry to create real opportunities for writers.”

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  1. It’s funny to remember once upon a time this guy (as Pinky Beecroft) made, um, unusual contributions to shows like The Glass House, possibly Good News Week as well? Anyway, congratulations, Matt.

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