“I don’t want to be the hot one, I want to be the funny one!”

Before she agreed to appear on The Bachelorette, Angie Kent used to watch the dating show on her couch like the rest of us.

Except that her thoughts on the show were public thanks to Gogglebox.

So what did she think of the show?

Across 4 seasons she was drawn into the romances, but suitably droll about the men and the reality format, which is no doubt part of the reason she’s been cast. Based on her previous comments, she should bring plenty of humour to the series.

Here’s what she had to say about The Bachelorette on Gogglebox, watching with pal Yvie Jones:

On seeing Richie meet Sam Frost for the first time: “Would you? Yeah me neither.”

After a date dressing up as ‘seniors’: “Looks don’t matter anymore. It’s all about personality. How fast you can walk, whether you can stand up.”

On Bachelorette dates: “I’d be like, ‘Today we’re just gonna watch TV!'”

On finale scenes awaiting her final 2 beaus: “I look off into the distance and think again for the 40,000th frickin’ time.

“My thinking-face acting would be so awful!”

And after the season finished: “Awwwww. What are we going to watch now?”
Yvie: “Porn.”

On seeing season 2’s Georgia meet her guys for the first time:  “These men are my worst nightmare!”

“Sweet Lord Jesus no!”

On Sophie Monk meeting some of her single men: “He’s such a dorkus!”

After Yvie decides Angie is the hot one and she is the funny one: “I don’t want to be the hot one, I want to be the funny one! I’m a little bit f***ing funny.”

After Sophie Monk chooses Stu Laundy: “I hope they stay together” (they didn’t!)

After Ali Oetjen makes her third appearance in a Bachelor series:  “Take 3. Third time’s a charm. Apparently.”

And general comments on Ali: “I can’t tell because your face isn’t moving!”

As Ali gets excited meeting her single guys: “Sister you’ve got like 18 coming!”

“She’s already in love with him. You may as well call it off.”

On a contestant trying to impress Ali with his dancing: “This is tragic. He’s a munter!”

“Bless this mess!”


  1. Full Harddrive

    I think she’s a scream and would date her in a second. Pity she apparently didn’t get to review the Honey Badger season and its brilliant non-climax. Or is this only Batchellorette seasons? Too lazy to check.
    Thanks to ever compiled all this. Great work.

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