Kerri-Anne calls Bachelor in Paradise “moronic”

KAK lets rip on a network 10 show. “I know it’s the network, sorry, so fire me now!”

During a discussion on Studio 10 about a same-sex kiss on Bachelor in Paradise Kerri-Anne Kennerley today labelled the show “moronic” and dared the network bosses to fire her.

“Have you ever had women kissing on your shows on Midday and Mornings?” Sarah Harris asked her today.

After a long pause, Kennerley replied “Seriously?”

“They put that stuff on because it’s titillating and it’ll rate and stupid people with half a brain like Paddy will make those remarks.

“Yes, he is reflecting what a whole bunch of blokes do, but it’s only there because people are going to go ‘ooh, aah’. It’s moronic.

“Sorry, we have got a lot of issues to discuss but trust me, this is not one. If people are excited by this, and that’s what they’re banking on in terms of the ratings, go and do it, fine. I have far more important things to think about and talk about.

“And it’s got nothing to do with the gay community. Nothing. I just think that’s titillating television that is moronic, but so is Bachelor in Paradise but that’s just me.

“I know it’s the network, sorry, so fire me now!”

Source: news.com.au

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  1. KAK has been around for a very long time. She knows exactly what she’s doing and how to play the game. She knows very well that any controversy that makes headlines about a TV show is free publicity for that show. Network bosses and publicity would not be upset with her one little bit for the free exposure.

  2. I don’t like cross-promotion because of the biased nature of it. Cross-promotion is seen as a commercial imperative, though it can also take away time for more important news stories and discussions. It’s admirable of Kerri-Anne to not adhere to the corporate line and express her honest opinion.

    I think criticisms and differences should be taken on board and considered fairly, instead of repercussions out of spite.

  3. I don’t think the show is very moronic at all, or ‘foolish’ and ‘stupid’ as the definition says. Bachelor in Paradise is about people finding love, whoever it might be, on an island in Fiji. If they don’t, then that’s that, but if they do, it’s the relationship that a couple has which is something that Australia could learn from. I’m not sure about Katherine’s views but I don’t think that BIP is “stupid” or “foolish”, but I place where someone could visit to try and find love and Australia can learn, about their own & other’s relationships.

  4. I totally disagree with KAK, its great entertainment and if there are 2 girls on there that like blokes but are also attracted to each other, well its compelling fta viewing

  5. Thought the whole concept of The Bachelor was men picking women not women picking women. I’ve only seen the promo’s and I’m totally confused. We need a couple of guys kissing on The Bachelorette now

    1. i agree all these reality tv shows are not what the title says they are about people seeking there way to being a celebrity mkr is not about cooking but bitching . also networks need to find people who are qualified to edit a show that can fit in the time slot if its a hour time slot edit to fit or put the show in a hour and half tv block shows running 15 -20 mins over is a joke

  6. I would hope there are no repercussions from the network with respect to Kerri-Anne’s comments. What’s the point of Studio 10 having a “Hot Topics” type segment if it’s not able to critique its own shows?

    1. They mightn’t be happy but there will be no repercussions. Tom Gleisner on HYPBA once called The Bachelor Skank Tank. Good on KAK, I think people appreciate raw honesty like that.

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