MAFS nudges 2 million for finale

Volatile reality series Married at First Sight has finished on a new high of 1.97m viewers – it’s best ever figure across six seasons.

That lifted on Sunday’s previous high of 1.86m and was well up on 2018’s high of 1.75m viewers.

Talking Married on 9Life, in which a couple appeared to split Live on TV, also hit bumper multichannel figures of 315,000 viewers from 9:20pm.

An Australian Story special on The Seekers managed second in its slot at 715,000 viewers with My Kitchen Rules pushed into third at just 710,000 viewers. 7:30 followed on 663,000 viewers.

10 was fourth in its slot on just 393,000 viewers for Dancing with the Stars, down on last week’s 430,000. A confusing non-elimination was just 223,000 viewers -but 10 advises a coding error will see this readjusted to 437,000.

Nine network won Monday with 40.1% then Seven 25.4%, ABC 16.2%, 10 13.4% and SBS 4.9%.

Nine News (1.07m / 1.01m), A Current Affair drew its best numbers since July 2017 at an impressive 1.02m then Bad Mothers finale (605,000) and Hot Seat (543,000 / 331,000). in select cities were Footy Classified (136,000) and 100% Footy (53,000).

Seven News won its slot at 1.11m / 1.08m). Home & Away (679,000), The Chase (638,000 / 413,000) and movie Kingsman: The Secret Service (357,000) followed.

ABC News (789,000), Media Watch (587,000), Four Corners (577,000), Q&A (328,000) and The Drum (243,000) comprised ABC’s other shows.

The Project (496,000 / 314,000) led for 10. 10 News First was 409,000, Pointless was 222,000 and The Graham Norton Show was just 156,000.

On SBS it was Queen Victoria and Her Nine Children (150,000), SBS World News (147,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (128,000) and Michael Mosley: Trust Me I’m a Doctor (125,000).

Sunrise: 309,000
Today:  208,000
News Breakfast: 122,000 / 50,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 8 April 2019


      • That explains why Colbert started much earlier than the listed start last night on 10/13-usually begins a few minutes later-was annoyed to miss the first 10 mins or so.

  1. What a sad, sad society we have become that absolute rubbish like this wins the ratings. Australian TV audiences need to have a long hard look at themselves in the mirror.

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