Matt & Luke take on MKR grand final

My Kitchen Rules is headed for the first all-male Grand Final in its history after cricket mates Matt & Luke won their Semi Final last night.

They join socialites Ibby & Romel in Sunday’s showdown for $250,000.

Queenslanders Andy & Ruby missed out last night when Matt & Luke scored 59 out of 60 points, which Seven is citing as the strongest Semi Final in the show’s history.

“I’m stunned, I’m honestly stunned,” said Luke.

“I’m just so excited we get to cook again together because I don’t want it to end,” Matt added.

On Sunday teams will produce a five-course menu and more than 100 plates for a packed restaurant of family, friends, eliminated teams and, in a series first, 10 judges in celebration of 10 years of MKR.

8pm Sunday on Seven.


  1. I was hoping that John and Lisa would make it to the grand finale as for ratings it’s held up pretty good considering the MAFS juggernaut if a ten show had ratings like this season of MKR did they would be doing cartwheels

  2. i’m not impressed with them trying to force us to watch House Rules first, i won’t be watching. Bit ot but has mkr run being slightly shorter this year or has time just gone faster? i think they started a week earlier than usual but i thought i remembered it finishing in mid May previous years…

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