Matt & Luke win My Kitchen Rules 2019

Newcastle mates Matt & Luke have won the title of My Kitchen Rules champions for 2019 with a score of 92 points.

They take home a $250,000 prize after defeating Ibby & Romel on 88 points.

Both teams served up 5 course dinners  to 10 judges, in honour of the 10th season.

Despite starting the series with mixed results, Luke & Matt came home strong, including with  hree perfect 10s on the night it mattered most.

“Our experience has been nothing short of a miracle, from where we’ve come from to where we are now, this is something I’ll never forget. We bloody worked hard for this. This is going to change our lives forever,” said Luke.

Matt added, “It’s literally the toughest thing we’ve ever done in our lives, absolutely insane. This takes the cake against any cricket final I’ve ever been in.”

Luke said of their opponents, “Throughout the competition Ibby & Romel have been the benchmark for everyone, everyone’s chased them so to be standing here next to them tonight is an honour.”

Ibby said, “We’ve given it everything we have and we are proud with what we served so we have won in our heart. Before this competition we were friends but now we are best friends. Honestly I don’t think I could have done it with anyone else.”

Romel added, “We are so happy for the boys, We’re not ashamed of losing because I’m so proud of what we have done. This is one of my biggest achievements, something that I will never experience in my entire life ever again. It was an absolute honour.”

But the 10th anniversary season has also been the lowest-rating in its history on Seven, denied the Australian Open to promote and then under siege from Nine’s Married at First Sight.

A second season has been announced for later this year, rumoured to be led by Colin Fassnidge with a significant format variation.

Seven’s Head of Unscripted Rikkie Proost also leaves Seven tomorrow after a decade with the network. His replacement is yet to be announced.


  1. Would have preferred a live final

    These two taped recorded sessions for two winners are perceptibly fake

    And always wonder how faces look of people knowing they are true winners and losers

    Rather than in with a chance

    Also. Could not spot Victor and G last night 🙂

    • it feels like with this & Im a Celebrity etc that its a big build up to nothing, the fake ending then they just immediately cut to the credits, thats it, over. Whereas if it was live they could be more genuine reactions & extend it a bit showing everyone’s reactions & maybe a little interview etc

  2. i would’ve preferred to see Ibby & Romel win, they took way more risks rather than sticking to mainstream dishes, not sure if the judges took this into account with their scoring.

  3. Well done to them, they stayed out of all the extra garbage drama that went on during the show and concentrated on making their cooking better.

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