Networks on alert for Q2

The schedule is loaded and networks are ready to battle after the Easter break.

TV will head into its second quarter on Sunday April 28 when brand new shows hit our screens.

But will scale the heights of Married at First Sight even as the weather cools?

The pressure is on as Seven looks to make inroads into Nine’s runaway lead and 10 endeavours to reset after a dire first quarter.

Everything hangs around early evening reality shows when House Rules and MasterChef will combat newcomer Lego Masters.

Nobody knows how Nine’s new series will fare. Will it stack high with family viewers or crumble away on night 2?

MasterChef is back for its 11th season promising to show how cooking should really be done, with optimism and dreams. House Rules embeds Jamie Durie into its judging team as it renovates houses, terraces and even a warehouse. There’s also a brand new homebase.

Lego Masters will screen 3 nights a week over 3 weeks before The Voice is unleashed, this time with former contestants facing off against new singers and brand new coach Guy Sebastian.

But the returning shows don’t end there. Nine has Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation in the mix (Wednesdays perhaps?) and Have You Been Paying Attention? will be a welcome return for 10.

10 will also debut new comedy series Mr. Black, created by Adam Zwar, and featuring Stephen Curry.

If you like your British crime, Seven series The Bay is one for your diary. This 6 part series about missing twins stars Morven Christie & Jonas Armstrong.

Over on ABC there is Killing Eve plus Harrow and Agatha Christie’s: The ABC Murders coming to Sundays. In election mode is the special Will Australia Ever Have a Black Prime Minister?

SBS in May means Eurovision, your perfect antidote to the election, plus Medicine or Myth? and Who Do You Think You Are? which begins on April 30. The Handmaid’s Tale returns on June 6.

Foxtel viewers can’t look past Game of Thrones, but MotherFatherSon with Richard Gere is May, Fosse / Verdon is late May, Big Little Lies is confirmed for June.

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  1. F*** me, Seven are repeating 2017’s horrendous scheduling of the MKR grand final after House Rules on the same night. Just saw a promo during the AFL. Did they seriously not learn? I hated it and it was an utter disaster in the ratings. They are pissing off the MKR fans like me!! Just leave one night for the MKR grand final and another for the House Rules premiere, I don’t know what this will achieve for them.

  2. Thanks David, I did see an advert for The Bay and it looked interesting. Also glad Harrow will be back soon and I love the clip of Mr Black, Always some nuggets of gold peppered throughout the schedule!

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