Promo: Mr. Black

First look at 10's upcoming comedy starring Stephen Curry.

10 has released a trailer for its upcoming comedy series Mr. Black starring Stephen Curry, Nadine Garner, Nick Russell, Sophie Wright and Paul Denny.

The series is created by writer, actor and producer Adam Zwar (Wilfred, Lowdown, Agony series) and produced by CJZ.

And airdate is yet to be confirmed.

48-year-old Mr. Black (Stephen Curry) is a retired, old-school sports journalist, whose mortality is staring him in the face.

Mr. Black has a disease that is eroding his bones. He walks with a stick and rides an electric scooter.

He has lived a full life, but has no intention of going gently into the night – especially when there’s so much to be angry about.

And now because of his failing health, he is forced to move in with his daughter Angela and her sensitive boyfriend Fin, to receive extra care.

Game on! As far as Mr. Black’s concerned, Fin is soft and will have to go, so he joyfully sets about dismantling the new-age twenty-something.

What unfolds is a hilarious and relentless psychological arm-wrestle between a proud gen x-er and a bemused millennial where the winner gets to share a house with Angela and the loser moves out to never darken their doorstop again.

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  1. Yay! Saw this promo during Gogglebox this week. The networks are listening….second Aussie drama to air on a commercial network in the first half of the year. Whoohoo! I thought they had forgotten about us ?

    Bad Mothers wasn’t brilliant (I find 9 dramas a little mediocre) but watched it all the same. I am looking forward to this though. Love Stephen Curry! And 10 can usually pull dramas off. Perhaps airing in May after Easter along with Masterchef? Hopefully HYBPA resumes too in their weekly line up and ratings will improve. Good luck 10.

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