Sam Johnson backtracks on swipe at DWTS televoting

Sam Johnson has backtracked on references to not voting via SMS for Dancing with the Stars.

No doubt it peeved network execs and rightly so.

After initially telling followers not to SMS, this week he wrote:

Courtney Act was born with actual glitterballs, so the Dancing With The Stars Mirrorball Trophy actually suits her better than it would me, and let’s face it, she has blitzed it week after week and thoroughly deserves the gong. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t want that trophy too. That shiny Mirrorball comes with $50K for cancer research, but more than that, it comes with a wave of publicity you can’t buy. The ripple effect could just propel us over that 10 million dollar mark.

It’s time to auction off the relatives. Time to pinch your partner’s phone and vote via secret squirrel. Time to pester people at work, to bother everyone we know affected by dastardly cancer.

We don’t have the numbers on the face of it. Courtney Act and Constance Hall both have villages double our size. But we’re a feisty mob, we proved that with the Gold Logie.

I wish I had Connie to help out here right now. I hate asking, but I didn’t come all this way to just come all this way, if you know what I mean.

What say you dear villager?

Your trusty mutt, loyal giraffe and splashy seal,


Vote free here:…/dancing-with-the-stars/vote

Or SMS SAMUEL to 1995 1010



  1. I have watched Sam on many shows over recent years talking about his cause, and I must say I am concerned about his own health. Often times he seems to demonstrate strange behaviour and sometimes he has not really been coherent. I hope he is okay

    • I agree, he seems quite fragile at times. He has suffered some tragic losses in life, including the suicide of his mother and his girlfriend, as well as the loss of his sister Connie. I hope he is okay too.

  2. Why only put up Sam’s details? Any one of the 3 would be a deserving winner but the best dancer and performer by far is Courtney! Courtney for the win!

    • Totally agree, why publish Sam’s voting details when he so childishly criticised the SMS voting. He shouldn’t be rewarded for his dummy spit.

      • Follow the link above in David’s article and vote for Courtney if you’d like her to win. That’s who I just voted for. Don’t assume that because she’s the best performer on the show or that TVT readers are tipping her to win that that will get her over the line. You have to actually vote on the website or instead of voting Sam to the above number, vote Courtney instead. I’m cheap so I took the free option on the website haha

  3. Fifty grand is a mere drop in the ocean of the already well funded cancer cause. Courtney’s chosen charity Black Rainbows is also very deserving and needs the funding. May the best and most consistent performer win. Good luck to all three.

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