Samuel Johnson: “I have been reprimanded heavily”

Dancing with the Stars winner Samuel Johnson has revealed he was reprimanded by Network 10 after telling people not to vote for him through the official SMS lines.

“I got scolded. I didn’t realise I stuffed up. What I should have done is ask for people to vote and to donate,” he told 2DayFM’s Grant, Ed & Ash yesterday.

“But I was particularly obsessed with cancer on that day because I thought I was going to lose to Courtney so I was getting desperate and trying to remind people that it’s cancer that I’m trying to dance my way through, at this point.

“It was just thoughtless and I shouldn’t have been dismissive of the voting process and I have been reprimanded heavily and I am on my best behaviour. There’s a bunch of people watching me right now and looking at every word I say.”

I bet there was.


  1. Samuel, you’re such a great person! You should have just reminded people to use for one of their votes each day with that 55ยข going to charity!

    (Though, that’s a pretty long sentence and hard to say & explain…)

  2. After reading this, in particular his quotes about being obsessed with cancer on that day and desperate to beat Courtney, I really wish he hadn’t won. I respect Courtney for who she is and the dignified way she conducted herself all the way through. The same cannot be said for Sam.

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