Third Walking Dead series in the pipeline

A third series in the Walking Dead franchise has been confirmed by AMC.

Joining the original series and Fear the Walking Dead. Variety reports the untitled series will tell the story of survivors in a world where a plague turns most of the civilised world into flesh-eating zombies.

“This allows us to come to the marketplace with completely uninterrupted Walking Dead universe content from post-Super Bowl Sunday to Thanksgiving,” says Scott Collins, president of ad sales for AMC Networks, in an interview.

The new series will be built around two young female protagonists, says Sarah Barnett, the president of the company’s entertainment networks, who noted that some of the young women portrayed on the flagship series in the group in recent episodes “have resonated” strongly with audiences.

The new series will be co-created by Scott Gimple, and Matt Negrete, who has been a writer and producer on The Walking Dead for the past five seasons and who will serve as showrunner. Produced by AMC Studios, the series will begin production on 10 episodes this summer in Virginia.

The new series will debut in 2020.


  1. mateo_mathieu

    Oh, they now want female main characters this time? After killing off Madison who was the lead character of FTWD last year and replaced with a man who barely speaks the whole season. The rating dropped down massively the following episode. This is a joke.

    • Yep I really loved FTWD until they killed off most of the original cast and shoved Morgan in, one of the most boring characters from the main series. I couldn’t watch any more after a few episodes. It’s a shame as season 3 was excellent.

      • mateo_mathieu

        Apparently, Troy is joining the gang next season even though we saw Madison killed him in S3. If they can bring him back, they certainly can bring Madison back. Weird. I didn’t watch another episode after her ‘death’.

  2. They already have milked it too far….I started cheering for the zombies. This season was the last one I will watch. And I only finished it because I felt I owed it some loyalty

  3. I love The Walking Dead, and I think the series has a new lease on life this season with the new showrunner and post-Rick Grimes (spoiler!), but I really hope that they dont end up milking this too hard and burning it out…

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