Today hosts defend partnership

Today hosts Deborah Knight and Georgie Gardner have given quotes, published over the Easter weekend, responding to recent press articles.

Since the show’s January revamp, both the show and the presenters have regularly been in media crosshairs, given under-performing numbers.

Knight responded to comments about supposed friction, which commonly pervades the brekkie landscape.

“We’re not schoolgirls in a schoolyard,” she said.

“We’re professional people, and it shouldn’t matter that we’re two women. It disappoints me that has to be the focus.

“Georgie and I have enormous respect for each other. We’re very different people, but I think that’s a good thing because we bring different approaches.”

Gardner also shot down rumours of a supposed catfight between the pair.

“If people feel that because it’s two women that we couldn’t possibly get on and we need to be pitted against each other, then that’s a sad indictment of where we are at as a society”.

Gardner revealed she told Nine bosses she’d like Knight as her co-host after Karl Stefanovic was sacked.

“A lot of it (the commentary) was just hateful, and you have to ignore it,” Knight said.

“The first day we were on air, we hadn’t even completed the first show and articles were appearing online writing us off and saying, ‘This is a dud’. It was silly and unfair. I realised I couldn’t control any of this, but what I could control was doing the best job I can.”

What’s notable is that the quotes are published by News Corp which is a rival to Nine-owned SMH and Age, and which also apologised for fake news on secret polling around Georgie Gardner.

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