TV chef killed in Sri Lankan bombings

Celebrity chef and Sri Lankan television personality Shantha Mayadunne and her daughter, Nisanga were killed in bombings at Easter.

The two were pictured having breakfast in the Shangri-La hotel in Colombo just minutes before a bomb tore through the building.

Shantha Mayadunne learned advanced international cooking techniques at cooking schools in Australia, UK, Singapore, Thailand and India. She had been in the culinary field for 30 years and was the first chef to have a live television cooking show in Sri Lanka according to her website, on the Independent Television Network.

At least 290 people were killed – and another 500 injured – when a series of bombs went off in packed luxury hotels and churches in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that two Australian citizens had been killed in the attacks, and another two injured. The Australian victims were identified as business leader Manik Suriyaaratchi and her 10-year-old daughter Alexendria.

At least 36 foreigners are believed to be among the 290 killed in the blasts, which targeted eight high-end hotels and churches are people gathered for Easter services on Sunday.

Source: SBS


  1. This should never have happened. But we all will continue to stand in a solidarity together against terrorism and hope & pray for all of those affected by this devastating impact.

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