7:30: May 29

Tonight on 7:30 Leigh Sales hears from Rodger Muller, the man who went undercover to expose One Nation’s ties to the US gun lobby and producer Peter Charley.

Earlier this year Al Jazeera aired explosive hidden camera footage which showed Pauline Hanson’s chief of staff and One Nation’s Queensland leader soliciting donations from the National Rifle Association, in order to soften Australia’s gun laws. The story was the result of an elaborate sting that transformed Muller into a gun rights lobbyist and infiltrate the highest levels of the US gun lobby.

In his first interview, Rodger Muller reveals how he pulled it off, under the watchful eye of journalist Peter Charley.

7:30pm tonight on ABC.

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  1. Maev....Sydney

    It was interesting…but….after umpteen repeats over night, I had to turn off the last one…
    I wish ABC News would bring back BBC and Al Jazeera news overnight…..constant rehashing of The World….The Drum etc…gets very boring…no matter how good the original content was.

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