Airdate: The Matty Johns Podcast. Bumped: NRL 360, League Life.

NRL 360 will move to a new timeslot while The Matty Johns Podcast will now become a Wednesday night television show on FOX League.

NRL 360 with hosts Ben Ikin and Paul Kent will now air each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 7.30pm on FOX League  with replays at 9.30pm and 11.30pm.

NRL 360 more often than not sets the agenda with its opinion and latest news around the code and we consistently get feedback from fans and viewers that they struggle to get home early enough to watch the show at 6.30pm, so moving the NRL 360 to 7.30pm will allow more fans to see the show live,” FOX Sports Head of Television, Steve Crawley said.

Audio podcast The Matty Johns Podcast will now become a television show of the same name, airing on Wednesday nights at 8.30pm from May 22. Matty Johns is joined by Kent and journalist James Hooper for an hour-long chat about rugby league.

League Life, with Yvonne Sampson, Lara Pitt, Jess Yates and Hannah Hollis, which  has aired on Wednesday nights, moves to Tuesday nights from 8.30pm.

The schedule changes will also see Queenslanders Only and The Greatest “take a break from their current timeslots,” according to FOX Sports. Their future remains unclear.

From May 20:

7.00pm: NRL Tonight
7.30pm: NRL 360
8.30pm: Big League Wrap
7.00pm: NRL Tonight
7.30pm: NRL 360
8.30pm: League Life
9.00pm: The Fan

7.00pm: NRL Tonight
7.30pm: NRL 360
8.30pm: The Matty Johns Podcast


  1. What a shame NRL 360 is moving to 730pm. The 630pm timeslot as there was nothing else of interest to me up against it. Looks like I’ll be recording it from now on.

  2. Sad to see Queenslanders Only go. It was the only dedicated show for those of us up here. Would be nice is they still produced it, and made it available on their online platforms.

    • If they were going to produce it they may as well show it during the other 21.5 hours they don’t have new programming on Monday to Wednesday.

      Interesting moves though. I liked 360 being on at 6:30 as I record it and then fast forward ads etc when I start watching after 7pm.

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