An Aussie, a gun & Disney…

Guns and the Disney organisation don’t usually go together…. until now.

Aussie drama Mr. Inbetween with star & creator Scott Ryan features on an Upfronts poster in the US for Disney this week.

FX shows are now part of the Disney empire following major media changes in the US.

As Variety noted, “it was a bit jarring to see the iconic company’s logo next to some decidedly un-Disney-like series like FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Then there was the poster for Mr Inbetween, which featured a gun.”

It’s a great vote of confidence for the Aussie production and its star, but maybe don’t tell Walt.

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  1. Great to see Mr Inbetween getting such a high profile display. It’s a really great show and can’t wait until season 2 starts. Well done to everyone involved. However with all the changes coming with Disney+ (and Hulu) hopefully it doesn’t mean Foxtel loose out on the rights in Australia even though it’s made with there involvement. What a mine field that’s coming!

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