Andrew Denton: Interview: May 21

Andrew Denton: Interview tackles a tough topic this week as Denton speaks to parents who lost not one, but two, sons in devastating circumstances.

TV and newspapers tend to overuse the phrase “every parent’s nightmare”. On Interview this week, a story that, sadly, really earns that label.

Ralph and Kathy Kelly lost their teenage sons, Thomas and Stuart, in devastating circumstances. In 2012, Thomas was killed in a random one-punch attack in Kings Cross. Three and a half years later, Stuart took his own life. Both boys were 18.

The Kellys were twice hit by lightning. This was not grief. It was grief squared.

As Ralph says to Andrew, “you lose one son to homicide and another to suicide – you couldn’t get two worse cards”.

The Kellys have much to be angry about. And though it’s hard enough to keep their fragile family together under such stresses, they’re working to create something positive from their pain. They’ve written a book about their experiences, Too Soon, Too Late, and launched the “Stay Kind” foundation to make Australia a kinder place.

This interview is powerful, uplifting and raw. You won’t forget it.

Tuesday May 21 at 9.00pm on Seven.

Lifeline 13 11 14
Beyond Blue 1300 22 46 36


  1. Andrew,
    Well done, well done, well done.
    Emotional, sensitive, honest and real.
    Kathy & Ralph, brave & loving parents-stay close and don’t be tempted to look in the rear view mirror–your not going that way. All the very best to all. Geoff

  2. what a powerful interview. I lost 2 of my sons in different situations, so I know how the Kelly’s are feeling. It bought me to tears tonight to know what they are going through, as I do and will do for the rest of my life. Kathy said that at times that she feels that she doesn’t want to be here anymore, well I have found myself in that situation many times, but like Kathy I do have other children who depend upon me. My boys were 18 and 26 years of age, and one year apart when they died. My whole world was and still is shattered, but you somehow find the strength to keep going, when you do not want to. I hope that they can maintain their strengths and it is a very hard thing to do at times. thank you Andrew for your shows. some of them are very emotional and some are very funny. thank you again. Wendy

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