Australian Crime Stories: May 12

The final episode of Australian Crime Stories, “Murphy’s Law” profiles Australia’s most ruthless cop, Brian “The Skull” Murphy.

In a 33-year career with the Victoria Police, Murphy was charged with (and acquitted of) manslaughter, accused of an underworld murder, and was the subject of several corruption inquiries that failed to implicate him.

He is a walking contradiction. He mixed with some of Australia’s most notorious criminals, and several villains who crossed him had a habit of dying violently. Along the way he also received the highest honour from the Victoria Police, the Valour Badge.

It has been said that Murphy was mad, bad and probably the last and toughest of the old-school coppers who would brazenly ignore the rules to gain a conviction.

On Sunday, May 12, at 9.40pm on Nine, Australian Crime Stories’ investigative journalist, researcher and co-writer, Adam Shand, asks Murphy, face to face, whether he ever crossed the line – and did he have a green light from his bosses to enforce Murphy’s Law?

Australian Crime Stories is produced by The Full Box for the Nine Network.

9:40pm Sunday on Nine.

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