Axed: The Tick

Amazon Prime’s quirky superhero series The Tick has been swatted after 2 seasons.

The show returned just 6 weeks ago to the streaming service, meaning some platforms don’t take long to make up their mind.

Series creator Ben Edlund broke the news on Twitter. “I’m sorry to say Amazon has chosen not to proceed with The Tick,” he wrote. “I’m not sorry to say I love this show, its cast, its story, and its message. Destiny demands that my compatriots and I now seek a new home for this series.”

The series starred Peter Serafinowicz as a superhero who fights crime, assisted by Arthur Everest (Griffin Newman), a normal human who uses a moth-like suit in order to serve as his sidekick.

Season 1 averaged a 90% critical approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while Season 2 got a 100%.

Source: Variety


  1. I did try to watch this show but it was a bit like watching an overlong sketch comedy about steroids, I suppose if you were drunk or self medicating it would have had you rolling about on the floor, but you would probably be doing that anyway.

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