Big Bang finale spoilers in Australian media

Australian media websites have detailed storylines of the final Big Bang Theory episodes which have screened in the US.

Meanwhile fans are either waiting in frustration for Nine to confirm a date or turning to piracy to find out for themselves.

Nine is around 6 weeks behind the US and still playing reruns alongside 1 new episode a week.

According to Variety the show drew a huge audience:

The hourlong airing of back to back episodes delivered a 12.2 household rating and 22 share, an impressive live turnout by today’s linear TV viewing standards. It marked a 34% increase in the show’s metered market average for the season.

The “Big Bang” bump boosted “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to a blockbuster 3.8 household rating for the night. Colbert’s featured an extended interview with the cast of “Big Bang.”


  1. I certainly didn’t turn to piracy in order to watch it. I paid for a service and streamed the episodes. Completely legal. If Nine wants to waste money on content and not run it when there is a demand for it, that’s their problem. They shouldn’t be surprised when ratings don’t reflect the success it enjoyed in the US.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    Glad I am not a follower..spoilers everywhere…including US chat buddies, who dont realise we get many things much later….and I watched the Elvis thing on youtube.

  3. It’s Like 2004 when F.R.I.E.N.D.S aired it’s final episode and we had to wait until the Final Ratings Week of the Year to see it, Six Whole Months.

  4. The way Nine have treated Big Bang Theory’s final season is ridiculous! The decade and Elvis All Star specials could have aired at later dates. With the axing of the AFL Footy Show, new episodes would be good on a Thursday evening. When’s Young Sheldon resuming?

    • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ1ᴘ5

      Yes they have had plenty of opportunities to fit it in, however Thursday evening with the axing of The Footy Show would not have been one of them due to NRL showing on Nine. It would have meant those States getting the new episodes on GO! or GEM or finding another day for them on Nine to catch-up to other States.

  5. Nine didn’t have the space to show TBBT at 1 ep/wk and fast-track the final episode, because of MAFS. They left themselves the option of showing double eps and catching up or 1 ep and repeat and dragging it out. They choose the second option because it gives them better numbers across Winter. They got 700/460k last week, and will still get large numbers for the final. Good news that it has a nice ending, I will look forward to watching it in 6 weeks time.

    • Solution would have been easy – Hold off TAYG for a few weeks and play multiple new Big Bang eps on Wednesdays to catch up, then play the finale live like they do with Survivor and replay later in prime time (because live was Friday, the replay would have had to been Sunday or Monday or so).

      Very hard to avoid spoilers with all the US talk shows around – no doubt even Ellen, which airs on Nine will have spoilers. ET had a great special that aired on the day of the finale, but before the finale, pretty sure ET will cover the end as well – and yes, we’ll see that here on 10.

      Happens all the time with US talk shows – you find out what is happening on shows that have aired there, long before they air here.

      As for friends, we bought the final episode DVD from the US and watched it long before Nine aired, even without see the whole final season.

  6. I’m happy with the way the show wrapped up, nice end to the season. Was not prepared to wait for Nine to one day show this after accidentally seeing or hearing a spoiler.

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