Could Nine appoint Karl to US bureau?

With the news yesterday that Robert Penfold was stepping down as US bureau chief, industry chatter is already gathering on whether Karl Stefanovic might be next in line for the role.

Rumours of the former Today host relocating to the US have been around since 2017.

“Karl wants (Nine’s US bureau chief) Robert Penfold’s job,” a Nine ‘insider’ supposedly told New Idea back then.

“He knows he would need to take a pay cut, but would love to relocate to the US as Nine’s correspondent, a similar role to one his brother Pete fulfilled.

Another nameless source told Daily Mail in January, “Ideally, he would like a job at Channel Nine’s U.S. bureau. He loves America and Jasmine lived in Los Angeles for years while working as a model.”

While unnamed sources to gossip mags are to be taken with a grain of salt, Stefanovic has relished previous stints in the US for Nine, including covering presidential elections. Regardless of whatever problems have surrounded his work on the home front, he is still one of the best when it comes to reporting rolling coverage and big news events.

Redeploying Karl stateside would seemingly solve a network conundrum of what to do with its highest paid star whose only upcoming show is a second season of This Time Next Year.

Penfold is shifting to a part-time role after 43 years at the network.


  1. Would really love to see him back on TV .I find him very funny & charismatic
    He has always been an Excellent reporter & Just love
    him on This Time Next Year
    Fingers crossed 🤞

    • As the story says – “Stefanovic has relished previous stints in the US for Nine, including covering presidential elections”

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