Election night coverage 2019: guide

For the first time in years all networks are covering the Federal Election in some form tomorrow night.

I have assembled  your guide to primetime coverage, from 5pm. Some broadcasters have additional coverage today and Saturday (daytime), so for more detailed info click on their respective links.

All times are AEST:

ABC / ABC News:

5pm ABC News with Jeremy Fernandez and Tamara Oudyn.
6pm Australia Votes: Election Night Live. Leigh Sales, Annabel Crabb, Andrew Probyn, Laura Tingle, Barrie Cassidy and Michael Rowland plus Chief Elections Analyst Antony Green.

Guests: Arthur Sinodinos (LIB), Penny Wong (ALP)

8pm Australia Votes: Election Results Live
9:30pm Australia Votes: The Leaders Speak
10:30pm The Drum hosted by Ellen Fanning with Magda Szubanski, Craig Foster, Jamila Rizvi, and Stan Grant.


5pm Seven News election pre-show
6pm Seven News
6:45pm Decision Night in Australia 2019. Hosted by Michael Usher and political editor Mark Riley.

Guests: Chris Bowen (ALP) , Jenny McAllister (ALP),  Michaelia Cash (LIB) , Craig Laundy (LIB).
Plus Alan Jones and  Jeff Kennett.
Crosses to Tim Lester at Labor headquarters, Chris Reason at Liberal HQ.


5pm Early results from Nine-Galaxy exit poll.
6pm Nine News
7pm. Election 2019: Australia Decides.Hosted by Peter Overton and Deb Knight with political editor, Chris Uhlmann

Guests: Julie Bishop (LIB), Tanya Plibersek (ALP), Anthony Albanese (ALP), Bridget McKenzie (NAT)
Plus Nine’s Chris O’Keefe, Ross Greenwood.
Crosses to Ben Fordham at Liberal HQ, Leila McKinnon at Labor event.


5pm Your Vote: Polls Close. Hosted by Sandra Sully, Hamish Macdonald and Chris Bath, with Waleed Aly and Peter van Onselen.

Guests: Christopher Pyne (LIB), Kristina Keneally (ALP), Sam Dastyari and Trent Zimmerman (LIB)

Plus 10’s Hugh Riminton, pollster James Stewart, and Natarsha Belling.

7:30pm Your Vote: Poll Results
9pm Your Vote: The Decision
10:30pm Your Vote: Wrap-Up


6:30pm SBS World News
10:10pm Vote 2019: SBS World News. Janice Petersen and Chief Political Correspondent Brett Mason.

SKY News:

5pm: Australia Decides: Election Night hosted by David Speers.

Guests: Peta Credlin, Graham Richardson, Stephen Conroy, Mathias Cormann (LIB) and Richard Marles (ALP).

Crosses to Alan Jones, Paul Murray, Andrew Bolt, Chris Kenny, Laura Jayes, Kieran Gilbert and Michael Kroger.


  1. Watched ABC last night (as I have done over the years). Good graphics without going over the top and Antony Green is the main reason to watch. A little frustrated at the lack of coverage of WA – didn’t see any sort of mention of what was happening here until some time between 8.30 and 9.00.

    Penny Wong however, was becoming tiresome with her constant denial of what was happening in front of her.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I went to 10 for 5PM news and decided I like their line up the best….
    I may check out ABC News and SBS ‘Queen’ on and off….
    Missing my Escape to the Country on 7TWO ?

  3. Wow, TEN have come out with a strong line up. Peter Van Onselen has been a great pick up for TEN. Will be flicking between ABC and TEN. Nine guests look good but the hosts are a turn off and a bit Sydney for a Victorian. Seven will not get a look in. The ratings will be very interesting to see who comes after the ABC.

  4. Ten should do live crosses to Magda’s ‘Lynne Postlethwaite’. She has featured two nights this week on the Project campaigning as an Independent. I said pet, I said live, I said pet, I thought All Jazeera was Jazz Saxophonist. lol ?

  5. I’ll be switching between Channel Ten and ABC I think. Having Christopher Pyne on Ten’s panel I think will be hilarious. Plus living in Melbourne I miss Sandra Sully. Switching over to ABC though for Antony Green. Type ‘Antony Green drinking game’ into your search engine so you can play along at home. Take a sip every time Antony Green gets excited by a graph, gets flustered by his touch screen, looks particularly awkward or his touch screen stops working. Drink an entire bottle of hard liquor if Antony Green announces his retirement.

  6. One thing I definitely miss is the National Tally Room. The election coverage would be held at the National Tally Room with all broadcasters being set up and operating from the National Tally Room. It was also open to the public and visitors were able to see the tally board, election staff and the media in action. People from all backgrounds and from across all the political spectrum were there and there was a great vibe and atmosphere as it was the conclusion to the campaign.

    It’s a pity that they stopped it a few years ago, claiming that the tally information was available online nowadays. I think they should bring back the National Tally Room.

    • The tally room brought theatre to the coverage. The constant background noise with Laurie Oakes looking over his shoulder to see what was going on. Their was an electricity that you just don’t see now. Just a boring panel in a studio.

      • It was a decision by the Australian Electoral Commission. They said that no television networks chose to use the tally room as their backdrop. They also said that it was replaced by an online Virtual Tally Room. I find it odd that all media outlets would all of a sudden say they would not be attending. It seems a shame to end a long tradition and democracy in action for the public. I hope they consider bringing it back for the next federal election, or have similar setups at state elections.

  7. I notice unlike previous elections 7 has bumped AFL to 7mate. Previously the election was bumped to a multi channel. I guess the logic is people who want to watch AFL will switch over to 7mate but people who want to watch the election may switch to another channel if it isn’t on 7’s main channel. Also may lower their national ratings for the election coverage if it’s not on the primary channel.

    • The whole primary secondary channels seem a outdated concept. Everyone has access to the majority of the multichannels from each network apart from 7flex on prime for example so the concept of the AFL being bumped to 7mate seems utterly stupid to me. If someone can find
      Seven’s main channel they can find 7mate. I am sure channel ten have covered elections before in their life just not anytime that I remember. Should be a interesting night likely to be a close result.

    • I noticed they had the AFL on 70 so we could watch in HD. Haven’t seen that done before – 70 is usually the HD equivalent of 7/71. We could have gone to Foxtel, but it was convenient 🙂

  8. Talk about election over saturation when all four networks are covering it and people complain about multi channels,I am so glad that we have them unlike in decades gone by when there was no alternative

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