Four Corners updates “Abbott’s End.”

Four Corners has updated its episode tonight with cameras following Tony Abbott.

What was previously titled as “The Fight of His Life” is now “Abbott’s End: How Tony Abbott lost the fight of his political life.”

It’s not clear if Abbott participated in any of the filming (unlikely).

Here are both press releases, before and after election results.


“This is the fight of my life, and I think I’m up for it.” Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott has been many things; a Rhodes scholar, an MP, a brutally effective Opposition leader and a triumphant Prime Minister, only to be deposed by his colleagues. He is seen as one of the most combative figures in politics and a warrior for conservative voices. Now, after 25 years in federal parliament, the Liberal MP for Warringah says he is in the fight of his political life.

“I think that Tony Abbott’s time in politics has come, and gone.” Peter Fitzsimons, columnist

“I think it’s all just to oust Tony Abbott and I just think it’s nasty.” Warringah voter

Ahead of Saturday’s vote, Four Corners has been documenting the unfolding campaign. On Monday the program will examine how the seat was won and lost and what that means for the future of the Liberal Party.

“It is a very seminal moment in the history of the Liberal Party.” Alan Jones, broadcaster

The program examines how an insurgency from within the seat of Warringah began and shows the forces that have shaped it.

Mr Abbott’s challenger is the independent candidate, Zali Steggall, who has sought to turn the vote into a virtual referendum on climate change, transforming the issue that’s made him a hero of the right, into potential political poison on home soil.

“I’m their worst nightmare.” Zali Steggall, independent candidate

The contest has also been defined by the involvement of powerful political activist organisations like GetUp and Advance Australia, leading many political watchers to say we are now operating in a new realm of politics.

“The more effective we are the more they’ll fight back.” Paul Oosting, GetUp

“GetUp are… the most powerful political organisation outside the union movement.” Gerard Benedet, Advance Australia

The result will have powerful ramifications far beyond the seat of Warringah, with many believing the result will determine the future of the Liberal Party.


Abbott’s End: How Tony Abbott lost the fight of his political life

“If I had to lose, so be it. I’d rather be a loser than a quitter.” Tony Abbott.

On Saturday night, the former Prime Minister Tony Abbott lost the fight of his political life. His 25-year career as the member for Warringah was ended by the independent candidate Zali Steggall.

On Monday, Four Corners brings you the inside story of how the battle for Warringah was lost and won. Over the course of the campaign, reporter Sean Nicholls has been documenting the hardest fought contest of the election. In interviews with key players, the program reveals the strategy behind the Steggall campaign, the roots of the insurgency within the seat of Warringah and the roles played by the key activist groups, GetUp and Advance Australia.

With Tony Abbott’s political career at an end, all eyes will be on the Liberal Party to see if the divisions that roiled the last two governments are at an end.

8:30pm tonight on ABC.


  1. I find it intriguing that a Rhodes Scholar can be so lacking in common sense on the issue of climate change. Should be a good Four Corners as always.

    • Yes, ABC/SBS are the only Television Stations I watch, and to think the Morrison/Murdoch Government want to slash $84 Million makes me bloody furious !!!

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