Henry & Cade win Lego Masters 2019

Sydney duo Henry & Cade have won the title of Lego Masters champions for 2019.

The pair won with a diorama of Poseidon rising out of a wave to fight a giant sea serpent following an epic 28 hour grand final.

They beat out David and G’s theme-park and Jordan and Miller’s space battle to take home the $100,000 prize.

The win was awarded by judges Ryan “Brickman” McNaught said and Fenella Charity, a Senior Design Manager from Lego Denmark headquarters, plus 250 members of the general public.

“As our most consistent team across the whole series, Henry and Cade exhibited a unique building style and were able to really deliver on some wildly ambitious builds. For mine, their builds were of the highest standard, and they really didn’t falter at any of the crazy challenges we threw at them,” said McNaught.

Host Hamish Blake said: “Probably like a lot of Australia, I wasn’t expecting to get sucked in as deep as I did, and that’s because of the amazingly high quality the teams delivered, particularly the final three.

“I would love to have won the $100.000 myself and truly made history on TV as the first host to win, but I understand that rules are rules. Plus Henry and Cade’s build was incredible, so they are more than deserving. It was a total joy to stand by, yelling finishing times at them.”

Cade said: “What an amazing adventure. It’s such an honour to win the title of Lego Masters. Henry and I had so much fun with every crazy build along the way and were so pleased with our final build. Thanks to every fan of the show, with a special shout out to our friends and family, without whom we would not have been able to do this.”

Henry added: “It’s been the greatest creative binge of my life!”

Lego Masters has been a shiny new hit for Nine with every episode rating above the magic million, with praise for offering an alternate reality show and especially for host Hamish Blake.

Nine has already announced a second season with applications now open.


  1. Deserved winners, but I felt the theme park was the better construction. Overall though I really enjoyed this show. It was nice to see such a fresh idea on TV. I hope producers now realize that you don’t need to make a show about singing, renovating or cooking to get great ratings. Hopefully this is the start of a new genre of reality shows…

  2. I think Lego Masters finished too soon they could’ve added a few extra episodes or something since the ratings were great but I guess it’s hard work every round for the contestants? What a surprising and interesting show…..I’m still waiting for Ch7 to come up with a new Lego show lol.

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