“I’ve actually gone up since the last election, unlike your show”

Pauline Hanson took aim at Deb Knight this morning during a Live interview on the Today show.

Knight quizzed the One Nation leader over a drop in Newspoll numbers following recent headlines.

But Hanson was robust with her reply.

“I’ve actually gone up since the last election, unlike your show, Deb, since you’ve actually taken you have gone down in your viewership,” she said.

“You’re having a go.” Knight interjected.

“Should you hand over your job or should we bring Karl back? You have a go at me about this all the time, about the polls, going down in the polls. The people have their say. You don’t say, the NSW election, we actually won two seats in the Upper House.

She added, “I feel you constantly have a go at myself and One Nation. Let the people have their say on Saturday and we will see.”

Knight’s response to the criticism was measured, “I’m not having a go personally, it is my job to ask you questions that I think, as a journalist, I’m doing.”

Today‘s video tweets of the interview included Hanson’s attack on Knight before deleting it.


  1. Andrew Mercado

    So Pauline:
    too gutless to go on ABC for fear of a hard question
    quit Seven because they did ask her a hard question
    sticking it up Nine now because they asked her a hard question
    Who’s left Pauline?
    Studio 10 … if you can find Mark Latham this time … ???

  2. Pauline may have delivered a good line ( albeit one she prepared earlier in anticipation of the question) but when it comes to class and how one carries oneself, Deb Knight wins hands down.

  3. Stop Pauline! You’re part of the election and what you say may affect your votes. Stop going after the Today Show. Extremely rude.

  4. No fan of Pauline, believe me. But what a great response. And the fact that Deb Knight couldn’t deal with it says more about her than anything.

  5. I really can’t stand that pathetic imitation of a politician but that was an unusually sharp and witty slap. Deb Knight was right in her response, of course but Hanson left the sting.

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