Kerri-Anne isolated as she unleashes political editorial

News reports today have detailed an anti-Labor political editorial by Kerri-Anne Kennerley on Studio 10.

KAK declared the “end of life as we know it” if Labor wins, with doom and gloom fears of high-spending by a Bill Shorten government.

But she was also “seriously outraged” by plans for a “National Gender Commission” claiming Labor would spend “millions and millions” on the issue.

“These kids out there who are gender confused, and there’s a percentage of people out there gender confused, they will put up this Commission and like Tasmania-will have a child and it won’t be male or female, it will be gender-free. That’ll be national,” she suggested.

She continued, “Put money into kids who need the help but don’ts crew around with the other 95% that are doing OK and just a little bit confused.”

While KAK was on a roll with opinion, her co-hosts avoided engaging.

“Are you working for the Labor Party now?” Sarah Harris joked.

Angela Bishop then strategically detoured the conversation to broader campaign news via Joe Hildebrand. Nobody backed KAK on her position or gave it more airtime, knowing it is safer ground to stick to the facts.

When former Labor politician Sam Dastyari turned up later in the show, KAK corrected her statements, having been contacted by Labor’s media unit about “fake news.”

“I stand corrected it’s a National Gender Centre to support an advocacy for transgender Australians who will have education and training roles to promote awareness of transgender issues in the wider public, ” said Kerri-Anne.

As Dastyari tried to correct her points, co-hosts Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand and Angela Bishop tip-toed away from the couch.

Since joining Studio 10 KAK has given several viewpoints which have attracted wider comment, notably around Indigenous Australians. Attracting headlines is good for the show, and KAK is extremely skilled at bringing column inches to a show that needs bigger numbers.

But the subtext of today’s segment, in which her co-hosts effectively left her on her own, is also very telling.

Based on her years of doing TV her way, it’s probably how she prefers things anyway…


  1. Kerri-Anne has always been a staunch Liberal Party follower. It’s not about Bill Shorten, it’s just her beliefs don’t lie with the Labor Party ideals. And I doubt they ever will. Like Alan Jones.

  2. Today she retracted two more of her statements, the one about the World as we know it ending if Shorten gets in, and the one about pensioners leaching off the taxpayer. Those retractions plus yesterdays retractions make her whole rant obsolete. When will thus woman engage her brain before opening her mouth ?

  3. Studio 10 need to dump her. It is not good for the show, Yes, she gets headlines but this fake outrage and fake news is deliberate on her part. If she keeps going at this pace she will end up as one of the After Dark mob on Sky News.

    • She is outspoken but I’m not sure if she’s bad for Studio 10 or should be dumped. I mean the show’s audience are older women (like KAK), so her views would probably be quite similar to the audience (or at least to her followers watching).

  4. carolemorrissey

    I used to really like Kerri-Anne, but she’s shown a real nasty side since joining Studio 10. I don’t remember her being like that on Midday or Mornings with Kerri-Anne when she did those shows. It sounds like she may be losing some franking credits.

    • This issue is divided between “I hate her opinions therefore she needs to leave Studio 10” and “I love that she is saying the things that are against the left media grain”. Bottom line is on a show for her opinions, the presenters on this show are there to stir controversy. How about we allread up and come to our own opinions?

  5. LOL at the above comments. this is what happens when a strong woman has a voice an the chance to use it, Yes she made a few factual mistakes but happily corrected herself on them. Politics is a messy subject and can often get very heated very quickly. KAK hasn’t survived in TV for over 50 years so no reason. She has a backbone and isn’t afraid to call something or someone out and will always correct herself if she is wrong or mistaken.

    If I was the CEO of 10 I’d be giving KAK her own hour long daily talk show if she wanted it. She can be hard if needed and she can also have fun. Only KAK can get the treasure to dance on live TV and get away with it.

    • What about the people who turn off not seeing her backtrack on her factual errors, it’s not the first time she has found herself in this position. If she is going to make comments get the facts straight before the truth gets in the way.

    • I don’t believe they were factual mistakes, I believe they were deliberate lies to sway the gullible into voting for her beloved LNP. If she wasn’t contacted by Labor and asked to correct herself she wouldn’t have backtracked. If they were mistakes, then she’s not as smart as she thinks she is.

  6. Kerri-Anne has been through a lot the last few years but now she’s as bonkers as a fruitcake hatstand and keeps delivering commentary with all the rambling sense of a glue-sniffing hyena.

  7. Once again she has surprised me with her conservative views. She isn’t the person I grew up thinking she was. I’m fresh out of sympathy and I have to say I now dislike the woman immensely.

    • KAK seems to have her cranky pants on again. That’s not the bubbly person we’ve known and loved for years. Perhaps she should have a break and come back when she can comment without attacking.

  8. Maybe she should audition or is auditioning for Sky News as they are very liberal with the facts and deal in fear mongering as well

    • Everyone can have an opinion, the difference is some people choose informed, researched and educated opinions, others just spew words..

    • “Have an opinion”? Sure, go ahead. “Have your opinion treated as a serious position for which there is evidence”? No – not unless you provide the facts to go with it. We have too many amateurs who have opinions at odds with climate scientists and immunologists. Those amateurs shouldn’t be heard, much less be broadcast nationally on FTA.

      • On vaccinations are you aware that vaccinations are not mandatory in much of Scandinavia and Japan and they also don’t fluoridate their water?

        And yet they manage and have longer average lifespans than Australia, lower incidence of autism and higher average IQ’s.

        I guess they are all stuck listening to fake news and don’t have the wisdom of Australian doctors.

    • Opinion is allowed… as long as you agree with the minority’s view… otherwise you’re immediately labelled words that end is -ist

    • Anyone can and should have an opinion, but don’t state it as fact when it isn’t. There are so many gullible people who would believe every word she says, just as she is gullible enough to believe the rubbish she sprukes.

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