Lego leads while rest of the competition fight it out amongst themselves

Lego Masters enjoyed another timeslot win and topping the demos on 1.02m viewers for Nine.

From there it was a bunfight between the remaining shows. Australian Story ranked next on 642,000 viewers then House Rules (640,000), 7:30 (636,000) and MasterChef Australia (607,000).

Once Lego wrapped, the final 20 minutes of House Rules led until around 9:10pm when the ABC then seized control for effectively the rest of the night.

While Nine led in primary share, Seven network won with 28.8% then Nine 28.2%, ABC 20.1%, 10 15.8% and SBS 7.1%.

Nine News drew 987,000 / 983,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (810,000), Hot Seat (543,000 / 329,000), 20 to One (459,000) and in select markets Footy Classified (128,000) and 100% Footy (55,000).

Seven News was #1 with 1.08m / 1.06m for Seven. Home & Away drew 679,000, The Chase was 634,000 / 370,000 then 9-1-1 (462,000) and Criminal Minds (219,000).

10 News First was 455,000 for 10 then The Project (429,000 / 266,000), Montreal Comedy Festival (241,000), Pointless (206,000) and The Graham Norton Show (139,000).

ABC News drew 751,000 for ABC. Four Corners was 589,000 then Media Watch (539,000), Q&A (481,000) and The Drum (208,000).

On SBS it was Michael Mosley: Trust Me I’m a Doctor (181,000), Great American Railroad Journeys (172,000), SBS World News (142,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (119,000) and Mastermind (110,000).

Bluey again topped multichannels at 186,000.

Sunrise: 270,000
Today: 191,000
News Breakfast: 122,000 / 45,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 6 May 2019.


  1. forgot to mention in my other comment, maybe, just maybe viewers are sick to death of lengthy shouty ad breaks (that have gotten alot worse in recent yrs), fairly telling that ABC rates so well. Plus the constant relentless promotion of shows for 2 mths before they even start, personally i find it offputting not encouraging me to watch….

  2. I can understand why MC is rating so low. It aired so soon after MKR that we needed breathing room! Who wants to watch another cooking show so soon after one? That’s what makes Lego Masters brilliant-no cooking involved and no pretentious judges!

    • agree with this, they should’ve run Mr Black & a few other comedies for a month then started MC. Plenty of people who are die hard cooking/reality show fans would watch both MKR & MC 7 need a break. Also agree with the other comment about ratings expectations, up against Foxtel aka GOT, sport, youtube channels etc, its not that bad.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    I will not watch either….not a game show person…and I usually watched 10 News on Tenplay on my PC…then go to 9 and A Current Affair…but 2nd screen…..

  4. thedirtydigger

    Appalling share from Ten last night. Really the nitwits who commissioned Pointless don’t deserve to be still in their jobs.
    As for the bloated bumbling reboot of Changing Rooms …well whoever thought that was watchable TV also deserves a swift kick into the fish markets. ..that was a real stinker.

  5. Does Nine now have all of the top 5 reality programs on any network? I mean with MAFS, LM now, the voice, ninja warrior and the block – I can’t think of any programs on 7 or 10 that could consistently get the same numbers as any of those shows

  6. 10 needs to get a good show up – something new and fun would be best! I really want a new original Australian show, maybe reality or variety, to be on air, as there might be some real potential there…

  7. I disagree that they are bad numbers, need to improve etc. The landscape has changed, streaming services, on demand TV, catch up, online entertainment. Just because 1 million was a benchmark number years ago, its not anymore. If my show hit half a million viewers at 730 I would be pumped, up against Foxtell, FTA, Netflix stan and everything else. I honestly think perspective needs to change

    • Agree with this. Also this isnt counting those watching live on the aps… i watch via my chromecast and what about after its live? Total people consolidated is more important these days then overnight although overnight gets the instant headlines.

  8. Has MasterChef run it’s race ? Not the heady numbers of years gone by. Very much similar to MKR. These shows have become very predictable and while they may have been trailblazers in their time methinks their trails might have been well and truly blazed !

    • I get the vibe that Masterchef has become too pretentious – I think it has to dial back the over the top 5-star dishes (at least in the early weeks) and become more relatable.

        • It may be advertised that way but just look at the dishes, they belong in magazines….not realistic for “home cooks”. The inclusion of imported chefs just adds to the pretentious way food is prepared and presented.

          • Not sure why I can’t reply to your last comment, David but I didn’t say it was aimed at home cooks. They aren’t chefs so must be home cooks.

  9. 10 really need MasterChef to fire up big, but it just hasn’t. It might be on par with House Rules, but the difference is Seven have a strong 6pm-7.30pm lineup to offset, where as 10’s 6pm-7.30pm block is so low it gets beaten by its 5pm news. 10’s only comfort is in the demos, but still – 10 is having a horror year so far!

    • Clem_Melbourne

      When Celebrity Name Game and HYBPA Launch next Monday I think 10’s Numbers will significantly rise. Celeb Name Game will probably get about 500,000 and HYBPA about 750,000.

      • I watch quite a bit on Channel 10 but won’t be watching thew new show at 6 pm..mainly because I dislike the host and I am not on my own in that respect. You really shouldn’t count your chickens …….

      • Celeb Name Game will no doubt do better on the first night or two due to curiosity factor, but will ultimately settle around the same as Pointless. None of these sort of Ellen style fun game shows have fired in the past.

        • I agree it will probably do okay for the first night or so but will probably end up doing the same numbers as pointless maybe even less I won’t be watching because I can’t stand Grant and also these types of shows don’t interest me

          • chivasssimo

            Hopefully Celebrity Name Game is 10’s last game show gamble before they bite the bullet and run news to 6.30. I would gladly watch a half hour 6 bulletin like the days of old. And how many people are saying with 10 from 5-7.30pm? Don’t think repetition would be an issue.

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