Madonna rehearses without Eurovision contract

Madonna has been at rehearsal in Tel Aviv for the Eurovision Song Contest despite not yet signing a contract with organisers.

“Madame X is preparing something special for her fans,” she posted on Instagram.

Madonna landed late Tuesday night in Tel Aviv aboard the private jet of Israeli-Canadian billionaire Sylvan Adams, who is funding her appearance.

A spokeswoman for broadcaster KAN told The Jerusalem Post “She hasn’t signed yet; we hope that tonight they will make progress.”

The Erev Tov with Guy Pines show reported Madonna was clashing with the European Broadcasting Union over anti-Christian imagery in her song, “Like A Prayer.” Incorporating politics contravenes the event’s rules.

Israeli media reports indicated she will not appear at the two ticketed rehearsal shows on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, unlike the rest of the performers.

Updated: Now confirmed as interval act.

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