MTV reveals Teen Mom Australia cast

MTV has announced the three young mothers that will be featured in new reality series, Teen Mom Australia.

The 10 part series, based on a US format, is produced by WTFN.

The three mothers are 18 year old Ammersen Chambers from Melbourne (pictured, left), 19 year old Akosita Masima (centre) from Western Sydney and the 20 year old Georgina Manios from Sutherland Shire (right).

The series will explore the lives of the three as they try to find the right balance between childcare, relationships and teenage life (NB: one is no longer a teen…).

Over the course of the series, the mothers will share their stories as they manage a life filled with nappies, tears and tantrums combined with the everyday drama and complexities of simply being a teenager.

Teen Mom Australia will premiere this winter.


Georgina (Georgie) (20) is our make-up loving single mum who switches her time between working as a qualified beautician and changing nappies.

Georgie has had an-on-and-off again relationship with Evie’s father John for the last five years and is constantly conflicted about her feelings for him.

They both tell different sides to the story and it always was ends in an argument but Georgie is willing to give it once last chance for them to be a family.

Akosita (Sita) (19) is our rugby playing, soul singing vivacious teen mom.

She lives in a full house with her partner Thomson and her self-described ‘big fat Tongan Family’ of ten including four sisters and three brothers, her parents, her grandfather, her baby Andrew and the children of her siblings.

Sita plans to get back on the Rugby field as soon as possible, as well as take her singing career to the next level as everything came to a screeching halt once she found out she was having a baby.

Ammersen (Ammi) (18) is our youngest teen mom, but don’t let her age fool you, as she is as fiery and brutally honest as they come.

Having Jiyah turned Ammi and her childhood sweetheart Jordan’s life upside down but in the best possible way and now with baby number two on the way their little family is ready for their next adventure.

Living with Ammi’s older sister Katya presents some challenges, as despite their closeness, there are constant disagreements about household chores, parenting and family dynamics.


    • The UK version was called “Teen Mom” as well.

      The stupidest thing about this is that one of the “moms” isn’t even a teen. Perhaps we should be relived that the producers hadn’t been able to find anybody else suitable between the ages of 13 and 19 to participate.

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