Nicole Kidman filming new HBO drama, and Aussie production in the pipeline.

Nicole keeps busy with more work from David E. Kelley & Liane Moriarty.

Nicole Kidman is currently in New York filming upcoming drama The Undoing for HBO, and her company will produce a new Australian drama, by author Liane Moriarty (Big Little Lies).

The Undoing sees Kidman play a therapist who faces a chain of terrible revelations just before a book is published, but who fails to heed her own advice,

“We’re working with Susanne Bier (The Night Manager), who’s just such a powerhouse. She just knows exactly what she wants and it’s just wonderful having her at the helm. And then we’ve got Hugh Grant and Noah Jupe and Donald Sutherland, so we’ve got a fantastic cast as well, and obviously [writer] David E. Kelley,” Kidman told Deadline.

“‘David said, “I’ve written this and are you interested in it?” And it started with him. He was the one that gave it to us initially, and then the three of us chose to take it to HBO because we felt we had such a good relationship with them because of Big Little Lies. Plus, David loves them. They just jumped on it immediately.”

Kidman and Per Saari’s company Blossom Films will also produce The Last Anniversary by author Liane Moriarty.

In the interview Saari noted, “There’s also The Last Anniversary, which we’re making as an Australian show. It’s a fantastic book, by the way, if you haven’t read it.”

“That’s her favourite. That’s the one she says she most wants made,” said Kidman, adding “I’m not in The Last Anniversary.”

It’s not yet clear who will screen The Last Anniversary, but I would tip Foxtel as a front-runner given they have held talks with Kidman in the past.

Big Little Lies 2 screens on FOX Showcase from June 10.

Source: Deadline

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