Renewed: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Warning: includes Game of Thrones vision.

Ellen DeGeneres is hosting her talk show for three more years.

This week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show she announced, “16 years is a pretty good run and sometimes in a relationship you need to take a break. But I don’t, you’re stuck with me because I just signed for 3 more years.”

“Ellen is, quite simply, a force of nature,” Peter Roth, president and CCO OF Warner Bros. Television Group said in a statement. “Her energy, intelligence, kindness and creativity know no bounds. Whether it’s her instant connection to her guests on her flagship talk show, her warm and funny hosting on Game of Games, or the infectious enthusiasm she shares in producing everything from Little Big Shots to the animated antics of ‘Green Eggs and Ham,’ it’s an honor to work alongside her. We’re thrilled to continue this fun and friendly journey with her.”

The Ellen DeGeneres Show screens in Australia on Nine.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. I used to like Ellen, but I’ve grown tired of her. I think she’s a bully. She seems to like to put her staff down and make fun of them for tv. I’m sure if someone jumped out at Ellen or caused her intentional embarrassment in front of the cameras, Ellen would be furious.

    • It’s all part of the show, u don’t like it, don’t watch.

      I enjoy watching ellen on my days off work and really enjoy it. I love it when she puts Andy through the haunted houses etc around Halloween.

      The guests know they might get a fright or whatever, once again it’s part of the show.

  2. Niceness on television is rare to find. Unless she is an unabashed tyrant as soon as the cameras go off, I think it’s unfair to dissect and look for the cracks in what is simply feelgood TV.

    • you can’t be nice all the time lol. honestly she annoys me, she stays relevant by getting the latest viral sensation to appear on her show and gifts them money (which is probably just an “appearance” fee).

    • She strikes me as really disingenuous. Regardless of how she may conduct herself behind the cameras, her playful public persona feels forced and insincere. I had tuned into her show on a few occasions over the years, and I just can’t look past her ruse.

      There are instances where she’ll just monotonously comment to her guests, when it’s apparent that she isn’t overly familiar with their work, and will say something like, “Yeah, that movie was hilarious. It’s my favourite film of all time. Anyway…” She has a routine and it’s evidently working in her favour.

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