Returning: Shetland

Season 4 of UK mystery Shetland will air on ABC this Sunday.

This screened in the UK in February 2018 (where a 5th season recently aired).

There are 6 episodes all up.

A detective mystery set against the stunning Scottish backdrop of the Shetland Isles. Shetlander, Thomas Malone, has his conviction overturned after 23 years behind bars, DI Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall) must re-open a murder investigation. In 1993, teenager Lizzie Kilmuir was found strangled and placed in a stone cairn on the island of Unst. Malone, then only a teenager himself, was jailed for the crime. Now new DNA evidence has come to light provoking Malone’s release, but many islanders still believe him to be guilty, including some officers amongst Perez’ own team. Malone’s return coincides with the murder of local journalist Sally McColl. Sally is the daughter of the detective who originally investigated Lizzie Kilmuir’s murder and was responsible for having Malone convicted. With two cases to solve and Malone very firmly in the frame for both, the pressure is on Perez to look beyond the gossip and prejudice and get to the truth.

7:40pm Sunday on ABC.



  1. Season 4 episode 1 was virtually a remake of the first episode of the US series Rectify. It even had an identical cliffhanger ending.

  2. I’m lost, has this aired before on Australian TV. I doesn’t new new series, it says series returning. I’ve seen the previous episodes of Shetland, but can’t remember if this is a repeat of the last series or if it’s a new one?? Sorry if I appear dumb!! 😀

  3. This series aired in the UK in Feb. 2018 and aired on BBC First in Australia over a year ago. The next series aired in the UK in Feb and will on BBC First soon.

      • The Thomas Malone story listed is the 2nd six-part series, (with an original story), aired in 2018, and I watched it on BBC First over a year ago. There were 4 TVMs based on Cleeve’s novels made before them in 2013 and 14. What numbering system the ABC is using for them is irrelevant.

        The new 2019 series is about human trafficking, (which Shetland isn’t exactly known for being a hot spot of). It was on the list of new shows Foxtel was promoting that you posted yesterday.

        p.s. It wouldn’t be a rare move, the ABC has bought the first run rights to Endeavour, Vera, The Split and several other UK shows it just isn’t happening here. The ABC shows repeats of Victoria, Call the Midwife and Victoria, Call The Midwife and Shetland after their cable runs.

        • Having looked further it seems BBC First supplied info was probably incorrect. They indicate S4 coming up. ABC info seems to fit. The other shows you refer to are mostly ITV not BBC shows, but yes sometimes ABC is first such as Dr Who. Update: BBC First rolled first 2 seasons into 1 hence their numbering.

          • They are distributed as 4 TVMS and 3 Series. Sometimes the pilot TVM is counted as a seperate season. Sometimes the TVMs aren’t counted as a season at all.

            The BBC is distributing it so I’d by their numbering. The ABC looks to have taken their numbering from Wikipedia.

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