Rumour: David Speers to join ABC?

SKY News Political Editor David Speers is rumoured to be joining ABC to replace Barrie Cassidy as Insiders host.

The Guardian reports Speers would almost certainly take a paycut if he left SKY News where he has been for nearly two decades.

Speers is highly regarded in both political and media circles, moderating several federal election debates and fronting SKY News election coverage. He also hosts his own daily Speers program.

“It’s a body blow for SKY if Speers leaves for the ABC,” one source said.

Barrie Cassidy recently announced he was stepping down as Insiders host but would remain with ABC after a break. A date has not been confirmed.

Still to be determined is a Q&A host with Tony Jones also set to depart.

ABC is yet to comment on the speculation.


  1. Anybody at all would be an improvement to the dreadful Insiders program – it is an embarrassment. I’d love to see the ABC become a subscription station so those who wish to pay for it could do so, without my unwilling financial support. David Speers needs his head read!

  2. … so let’s see … new managing director David Anderson says the ABC is in trouble and will have to shed staff. Meanwhile news department boss, Gaven Morris, is on a spending spree hiring new reporters all over the country and now a high-priced character like Speers rather than use one of the existing in-house, overpaid, under-utilised “stars”. Total lack of sensible management in Aunty’s news department is sending her broke, not politicians.

  3. He did an amazing job on the election night, hosting without ad breaks until very late, then he was back at 7am the next morning. Hardly any time to drive home and sleep! He is much better than most at the ABC and as others have said, a massive asset to them and loss to SKY.

  4. If true, a seriously big coup for the ABC and a massive loss for Sky News. David Speers widely respected for playing with a straight bat, and – unlike most of the ‘Sky News After Dark’ commentariat hosts (Murray, Bolt, Credlin, Jones, etc.) he isn’t partisan or sensationist. Any serious minded news and current network would be happy to have him as one of their ‘big guns’ as most agree the guy is well informed and fair minded – i.e. journalistic credibility.

  5. If true (and I don’t believe it for a minute) will the after dark “commentators ” at Sky “News” continue to trash the ABC and will they bag David for bias????

  6. daveinprogress

    Well go to the foot of our stairs! This really surprised me when Barrie announced it today on his ABC News Breakfast spot. I think David Speers is the best male political journalist and presenter in the country. That is a huge loss for Sky. I am surprised that he is making the jump. The offer must be a really interesting one for him. He would be doing much more than just Insiders methinks.

    With Leigh Sales being imho the best female presenter/political journalist, the ABC really will hold the balance of power (sorry I had to). I thought Fran Kelly would get Insiders.

  7. He’s completely ill suited to the Murdoch ruined sky news. I’m surprised he hasn’t quit years ago, he must be so embarrassed to admit he works for sky news.

  8. Either, Speers needs to change his tune to match the ABC; or this is yet more evidence of undue interference in the affairs of the ABC by the Government. It is a public broadcaster, not a State broadcaster.

    • I haven’t seen David Speers in many years, as I gave up Foxtel a long time ago, but I always remember him being very balanced and unbiased when he covered politics. Certainly the odd clip i’ve watched on Twitter he still has these traits. I think he’ll be a great fit for the show if the rumours are indeed true!

  9. Really???!! There are some exceptionally good people already at ABC – Emma Alberici, Michael Rowland, PK, and the list goes on. It could be worse – Gerard Henderson. Come on ABC look within!!!

  10. I hope this is true, for David Speers’ sake. Not that I’ve watched Sky News much since the ABC launched their 24/7 news channel, but I’ve always found David one of the more trustworthy and “normal” presenters, hidden away among a pile of nut-jobs. Be a huge loss for Sky News, but a good move credibility-wise!

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