Seven teases first look at The Proposal

A Seven promo has teased a first look at upcoming dating / game / reality show The Proposal.

Hosted by Luke Jacobz this is based on a US format in which singles will meet in a studio for the first time with someone proposing marriage by the end of the episode. Described by Seven programmer Angus Ross as “The Bachelor on steroids,” this is produced by Warner Bros. Australia.

An airdate is yet to be announced.

Meet Jess:

I’m a single mum of two beautiful girls. You don’t think that you get to this point in your life and not have a partner.

I may not have many material things to give, but I have a lot of love. I have a lot of love and I think that that’s enough.

Now’s the time for me to find my life partner. It is my greatest dream to get married. I’ve always wanted to get married.

I’m looking for the one, I’m looking for my husband…


  1. This looks absolutely atrocious. I can only imagine the success rate of couples for this show will be extremely low and a total waste of anyones life watching an episode.
    I find 7 love genre shows are just a cheap dodgy knock off. The super switch looks so horrific as well, what couple in their right mind would go on that to make their relationship better. Hope they both these shows bomb for 7.

  2. @ joely, I’m in complete agreement with you. Maxxdude’s chronic negativity of Channel Seven is not only tiresome, it is incredibly off-putting. Thing is, he seems to forget how many ideas Nine have copied off Seven and how much on-air talent they’ve stolen.

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