SKY News commissions local docos

In a channel first, SKY News has commissioned two documentaries on local news stories.

Bad Blood: Toppling Turnbull and New Blood: Morrison’s Miracle, coming in June, will be presented by David Speers.

Lawyer X: The Untold Story, due later, will be presented by Peter Stefanovic.

Both are 2 part docos.

Paul Whittaker, SKY News Chief Executive said: “We are really proud to be investing in, and strengthening, our news and national affairs coverage across our platforms. Today’s announcements reflect our commitment to bringing viewers quality, comprehensive and unrivalled analysis of the issues affecting the nation, with Australia’s best team of journalists and anchors.”

Bad Blood: Toppling Turnbull and New Blood: Morrison’s Miracle.

Following the extraordinary result in the federal election, a new major documentary, hosted by award-winning Sky News Political Editor David Speers, takes viewers inside Scott Morrison’s “miracle” win.

In a special two-night TV event, David explores how the Coalition went from being supposedly unelectable, to a stunning victory. Bad Blood: Toppling Turnbull is the first of two must-see political blockbusters. Key figures reveal, for the first time, what really happened in the spill which cost Malcolm Turnbull the top job. The documentary exposes shocking enmities and reveals the unlikely alliances which led the Liberals to such a brutal and dramatic change of leadership.

Then in part two, New Blood: Morrison’s Miracle viewers will see how Scott Morrison rebuilt his party, won the ‘unwinnable’ election, and secured his place in political history.

Lawyer X: The Untold Story – Two-part documentary coming soon
Lawyer X: The Untold Story will lift the lid on one of the most explosive chapters in Australian criminal and legal history. Presented by Peter Stefanovic in a new major reporting role for the leading current affairs journalist, Lawyer X will reveal how a brilliant barrister from one of Victoria’s most respected families became a double-agent and police informer, handing over secret information on her high-profile gangster clients.

If you thought you already knew the story of Lawyer X, you will be shocked at just how far Nicola Gobbo went to impress both the cops and the crooks. Working alongside the Herald Sun’s award-winning team of reporters who broke the story and have covered it every step of the way, this exclusive true crime documentary is set against the backdrop of Melbourne’s bloody gangland war. Peter Stefanovic speaks to key insiders to reveal new information into events which shook Victoria’s justice system and are right now being examined by the Royal Commission.

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