Temptation Island returning to Seven

Seven has announced a return to Temptation Island, last seen on air in the early 2000s.

It follows from a big success of a rebooted US version with young female viewers, recommissioned for the USA Network after just three episodes.

According to Seven’s press release four dating couples travel to an island paradise where they live the ‘single life’, housed separately with a bunch of sexy singles who try to tempt them away from their relationships. “In the end, will the couples leave together? Will they leave with one of the island’s ‘tempters?’ Or will they break up and go home alone?”

This marks the second show for Seven where couples are separated and tempted by other prospective partners, with The Super Switch about to screen in coming weeks.

Seven’s Director of Network Programming Angus Ross said: “From risque parties to romantic adventures, Temptation Island is the ultimate test of faithfulness.

“It’s a fascinating exploration of the familiar vs the fantasy relationship. Most of us have an ideal mate in mind and Temptation Island actually allows participants to meet that person and compare it with their present relationship. It then asks the question, will they stay or stray?”

The most interesting point in the press release is that while the format is Screentime, it will be produced by Seven Studios. Matt Apps is Executive Producer.

Casting is also now open to couples at www.temptationisland.com.au

With filming set for September / October the show is likely to screen in 2020.


  1. If I remember correctly, Seven is airing a story on Sunday Night tonight attacking Nine over “Married At First Sight”. And yet, Seven has a show about tempting partners to break up with The Super Switch coming up, and now this. Seems hypocritical to attack a rival network over one show, and yet do the same thing (or go even more towards the bottom of the barrel) with this. Why the double standards?

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