The Graham Norton Show: May 24

Guests this week on The Graham Norton Show are Will Smith, Naomi Scott, Kevin Hart and Octavia Spencer.

Hollywood superstars Will and Naomi Scott sit down with Graham to discuss their highly-anticipated live-action film, Aladdin.

Joining Will and Naomi is comedian Kevin Hart, who lends his voice to the new 3D computer animated comedy, The Secret Life Of Pets 2.

Last but certainly not least, Oscar winner Octavia Spencer nestles into Graham’s famous red couch to talk about her new psychological horror film, Ma.

8:30pm Friday on 10.

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  1. Hmmm, this episode is also apparently the one where Shakespears Sister appear (performing ‘Stay’) but strangely some of the promotional info online doesn’t mention that. I’m happy for Siobhan Fahey she’s patched things up with Marcella Detroit after her Bananarama reunion came to an unhappy end. Their new song “All The Queen’s Horses” is very fine. And “You’re History” is a classic.

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