The Super Switch…. with thanks to MAFS?

Seven this week released a provocative promo clip for The Super Switch, a reworking of its Seven Year Switch format in which married couples swap partners (for some reason that still escapes me).

The clip appears to borrow heavily from Married at First Sight and shows sexual attraction, arguing, a brawl between two blokes, and a contestant calling the police for being “held against his will.” Lucky he wasn’t at The Voice recording…

The clip also shows participants in group situations, which could be purely as dining together but potentially throws them together under one roof for maximum conflict… this will become clearer as it unfolds.

“TV’s most controversial experiment” is originally based on a US format but the new variations may be local additions given the success of MAFS on Nine.

Can Seven leverage off Nine’s success or will viewers brand it a copycat? And how do you get away with swingers on TV in an early evening timeslot anyway?

An airdate is yet to be announced.


    • chivasssimo

      Edit to this – there was a casting call in September last year. Network unannounced. Wonder if it was for this show. Sometimes networks use working titles

  1. Isn’t this show a return of seven year itch or whatever it’s called that was on a few years go? What’s the point of changing it’s name? Seems almost the exactly the same show. However they need to have more participants that do not look like models for relatability. They look and act like selfish little bratty children. They should all grow up. I wonder how much of it is staged?

  2. What a stupid concept. What couple in there right mind would think this could be good for a relationship? Lol sounds terrible (again) and hope this bombs for 7.

  3. Forgot this was coming from Seven as well, they’ll probably try a few things in all their shows now.

    Bride and Prejudice will have a couple that the parents of the Bride insist the Groom to be build a Lego version of the wedding cake he thinks his bride would like to prove himself to them. While First Dates will do a Speed Dating round or two, which will have consequences later on in the series or copy the UK and have a Married Woman on, granted though she was married to herself but the promos wouldn’t say that.

  4. “And how do you get away with swingers on TV in an early evening timeslot anyway?:

    You leave all your morals at the door and focus on copycat programming

  5. James-original

    FTA can air M classified content from 7.30.
    The blowback MAFS had was the Sunday 7pm episodes which should have been PG content.

  6. Channel 7 won’t be fooling anyone with this. Literally everything you mentioned David, I saw on this season of MAFS. (And being held against their will is from the voice)

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