The very strange case of Bosch season 5

Oops. Amazon Prime streams Bosch new season before ripping it off its platform.

It’s a mystery worthy of only Titus Welliver…..

Bosch season 5 premiered for a few days at Amazon Prime Video before being ripped off screens.

The series was promoted by Amazon Prime Video locally as debuting on April 19 but did not surface until a few days later, according to TV Tonight readers.

But just as mysteriously it was soon ripped from the platform in what can only be described as a major stuff-up. The reason appears to be due to SBS having local premiere rights.

SBS has since confirmed it will be screening the series “soon,” possibly via SBS on Demand.

Creator Michael Connelly also tweeted to confused fans….

Amazon Prime’s Australian representatives today told TV Tonight, “We wanted to provide you an update that Bosch season 5 will be available on Prime Video in Australia on 18 October 2019, and not 19 April as was previously shared. We apologise for this error and any confusion that this may have caused. Bosch season 5 is available in New Zealand now.”

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  1. How many episodes does ‘Project Blue Book’ have to air? Seems a logical replacement.

    Slightly off-topic on top of jumping the gun, but speaking of streaming TV series & SBS: does ‘The Name of the Rose’ have a soft release window yet?

    1. One can hope! They have played blocks of earlier seasons in the lead up to the new one in the past on free to air. They indicated to me at the time of season 4 that the contract required the six month delay. Let’s hope the terms have changed with streaming.

  2. On the basis of the earlier information I paid a year subscription for Prime. I was trying to show Amazon that Australians are prepared to pay for streaming. Bosch is my only reason for this account. There is probably considerably more profit in selling to SBS than in the number of new Prime accounts that Bosch TV would attract.

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