Tom Gleeson ‘quits’ Hard Quiz


In news nobody wanted to hear Tom Gleeson has quit as Hard Quiz host after 4 seasons.

The show has been a huge hit for ABC since launching in 2016 with its loveable losers and droll host.

Produced by the team behind The Weekly, it has drawn strong ratings at a cost-effective price, for a TV slot that is often a creative challenge to fill.

Gleeson’s tough-love approach to comedy, also featuring in The Weekly, has seen his live performing show skyrocket. Gleeson was even credited with commandeering an upset in the Logie Awards last year. This year he has pitched himself as a potential Gold candidate.

Grant Denyer won after Family Feud was axed, could Gleeson be headed for the same glory after falling on his sword?

Update: It was a prank…


  1. Judging by the ABC’s press release it’s a trick. They claim its news to them and said they are looking for new contestants. We were right to be skeptical!

  2. He made a mockery of the Logies voting last year. So I assume it is a similar stunt this year. Not my humour so if it is true I don’t care. I would prefer if he was leaving the Weekly.

  3. This doesn’t add up. It’s too much of a success to walk away from. Makes me wonder if Tom asked for too much money. Worse still, could that mean a commercial network may poach both Tom and the show?

  4. I’ve been so sad about this all afternoon and so confused as he said Hard Quiz would be back later in the year….

    But I’ve just twigged that I bet it’s not real due to him paying out on Grant Denyer for having a gold Logie nomination when Family Feud has been axed!!! Logie nominations are announced this Sunday!!

    Bloody Tom – he had me there for a minute!!

  5. I’ve got an inkling there’s more to this than meets the eye.

    Maybe we’ll hear more after Logie nominations on Sunday…
    Fingers crossed anyway!

  6. …That was sudden. Just as he was asking for new contestants on The Weekly and said filming for the next season was already starting. Please tell me this is just some cruel joke he’s playing on us!

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