Unauthorised MAFS stage tour cancelled

A live stage tour featuring former participants of Married at First Sight has been cancelled, just a week after it was announced.

Still Looking For Love was due to hear from Melissa, Mick, Cyrell, Ning and 2018’s “bad boy” Dean in theatres in Sydney, Melbourne and Brissy later this month. They were due to spill secrets from the Nine show for tickets at $49.90, rising to $99.90 for a meet and greet.

It was being promoted by DRW, but social media quickly lambasted the idea. It isn’t clear what was authorised by Nine or producers Endemol Shine given there are strict contracts around what participants can reveal for some time after the show has ended.

Dean Wells told radio’s Fitzy & Wippa, the cancellation was nothing to do with poor ticket sales and maintained the reason it was a logistics issue.

“We sort of all agreed to do it and … at the moment everyone’s schedules aren’t matching up and people weren’t properly promoting it so it’s just become a bit disorganised. So yeah, it’s not happening,” he said.

Bullet dodged.


As suspected, Nine has released a statement telling the Daily Telegraph, “The event was unauthorised and at no point did the organisers consult Nine nor seek Nine’s permission as would have been required to stage such an event. Nine did not cancel the event, but Nine will take action as necessary to protect the Married At First Sight brand and its rights.”

Source: news.com.au


  1. Sandra Crack

    Just go to show how one sided the contracts the contestants sign.
    I heard about a US producer , producing a reality program on technicians fixing computers, who had already built up a huge following and business on YouTube , to purchase a duplicate set of tools ( to be placed in a studio for filming ) and then to give a large % of his existing sales to the producer for the advantage of having his business promoted on tv. To compensate him for this they were going to give him a small stipend.
    Oracle to all this is, is throughly read any contract and be wary of the get Rich scheme that any producer tries to romance you with

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