US Survivor champs return to mentor next tribes

Ex-Survivor champions “Boston” Rob Mariano and (two-time winner) Sandra Diaz-Twine are back for Season 39 of the long-running reality show -but not as expected.

Neither will be in the running for the $1M prize in a series titled Survivor: Island of the Idols but living in their own Fiji beach camp without any risk of being voted out.

As Rob tells the Hollywood Reporter: “Think of it like a Survivor boot camp or training camp, where they can come over and they can learn any kind of skill that they need. Any lesson, they can come and learn it over here. We can do anything, you know? We’ve been here over 200 days between the two of us. We can make a fire like that. We can teach them how to fish. We have everything that they would need to learn how to do any skill that it takes to survive out here.”

The 39th season is due in Spring on 9GO!

You can read more via the link above.


  1. white orchid

    So pleased to see Sandra and Rob return and think the mentoring will make for a very interesting and entertaining series. I’ve found the last two or three seasons a bit on the dull side so this is exactly what we need

  2. Dear fellow TVT / Survivor devotees, I apologise for the following superfan ramblings…
    #1 : EoE was (in my humble opinion) the worst season ever…until that absolute blinder of an astonishing final episode with idol chaos and some incredible truly next level playing. Bravo to Chris for pulling off such a move, but also full credit to Devens for giving it his absolute all. The way Chris won was the only ‘right’ way for Devens not to win. Glad Devens got the ‘Sia Award’ (even more generous this season, Sia!).
    #2 : In previous comments, I called for a “Idol Island” concept. I called the name for next season but not the execution. 😉 Still reckon everyone starting the game with an idol each with no more to be ‘found’ is a great idea though.
    #3 : Island Of the Idols is a brilliant concept that has got me genuinely excited. If this is what they’re doing for their 39th season,…

  3. Suspect like when Big Brother USA had ex contestants as non-competing members they’ll be a twist along the way which sees them able to compete.

    Odd though to use them in this manner when it presumably excludes they from the All Winners season to follow in early 2020.

  4. mateo_mathieu

    I haven’t watched US version in years because of GO! I’d watch this show just for Queen Sandra! She’s the greatest Survivor player of all time.

  5. When Boston Rob came on the screen my partner and I just looked at each other gobsmacked… we stood up and soundlessly gaped at each other (obviously we couldn’t express audibly in case we missed something lol)
    But as soon as it went to break we just started screaming and jumping around… so good! Best player ever! Glad to have him back in any form

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