US version of Eurovision floated (once again)

It's state vs. state. But do the yanks get camp?

Here we go again….

Can America replicate Eurovision by pitting state vs state? They plan on giving it a shot according to reports.

But there have previously been suggestions of a US version, similar to those floated for a Eurovision Asia Song Contest through SBS.

The European Broadcasting Union has licensed the format to Swedish production company Brain Academy to be shopped in the U.S. with hopes for an American Song Contest in 2021.

“Outside of sports, the Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest TV show on Earth, it unites a continent and everybody gets to vote,” said Peter Settman, CEO and creative director of Brain Academy. “We can’t wait to introduce this wonderful competition to the biggest TV market in the world. TV/video audiences are getting bigger every year so this is the perfect time to bring this exciting show to the American public.”

“For over six decades the Eurovision Song Contest, powered by public service media, has brought audiences together with its values of diversity, universality and inclusivity,” said Jon Ola Sand, executive supervisor of Eurovision for the EBU. “As part of the EBU’s overall strategy to grow the brand it’s time for Eurovision to go stateside to reach even more viewers. We’re delighted that this growth will be overseen by some of the people that have created some of its’ brightest moments.”

The EBU has long had a dream of expanding the contest (part of the strategy to welcome Australia as a participant). The notion of a US version was raised over a decade ago.

Meanwhile the license for an Asia Pacific contest has been with Blink TV for several years but SBS has conceded “trying to get 10 Asian countries to agree has proven really difficult.”  China is understood to be a sticking point, and considered crucial in persuading others to join in.

Should we win on the weekend, that progress could be further delayed. But then… who’d complain?

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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