When Bob Hawke was on A Country Practice

The late former PM Bob Hawke sometimes made appearances in Aussie TV shows.

Following the passing of former Prime Minister Bob Hawke here is a flashback to when he appeared on
A Country Practice circa 1986.

Hawke also appeared alongside Con the Fruiterer in The Comedy Company and played himself as a trade union leader on 1970s sitcom The Last of the Australians.

Here are several other golden TV moments….

and what he gave us our best comedians….

Richard Roxburgh also starred as Hawke in the 10 telemovie you can see here.

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  1. Hawke also made a guest appearance on “The Last of the Australians” in 1975.He played Himself (ACTU leader) and the episode included the line “He could be a future Prime Minister of Australia”

  2. Oh how good was rubbery figures and all the political send ups we used to have in the 80’s… I remember a radio show called “How Green was my Cactus” as well, with great Hawke impersonations and they were in “Can’tberra”

      1. If you type in “How Green Was My Cactus” on your search engine, you will see it is still going.

        I remember when the analogue signal was shut down here in Melbourne in December 2013, Seven showed a montage of old clips, and one featuring a puppet Bob Hawke was shown and the puppet said “take some footage of this” and showed a video tape (it was from Fast Forward).

  3. Hawkey spent $10 to join Actors Equity to appear on ACP
    “Bloody good Prime Minister, but a terrible ham” said producer James Davern
    And why did Bob Hawke go to Wandin Valley?
    To make it a nuclear-free zone after a letter from Jo Loveday (Josephine Mitchell)

    1. How does a last minute comment get comment of the week , assuming the newsletter is already printed up lol .
      Kind of insulting to all the weeks comments before hand . I guess comments are like art and comedy .. Subjective . I find most awarded boring as f…

  4. My whole family loved Bob, even though my parents were Liberal voters. He was such a down to earth, no b.s PM. The timing of his death is ironic. Rest In Peace Bob Hawke.

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