You Can’t Ask That: May 1

Tonight’s episode of You Can’t Ask That hears from ex-politicians Amanda Vanstone, Sam Dastyari, Tony Windsor, Greg Combet, Cheryl Kernot, Wyatt Roy and Richard Evans.

This episode of You Can’t Ask That shines a light on seven Australian Ex-Politicians. Australians love to offload hate onto politicians. We think they’re untrustworthy, dishonest, lazy, entitled and out of touch. But what is it actually like to put your hand up, be elected and serve the nation in the House of Representatives or Senate?

Off-script and unguarded, seven former federal politicians share candid stories about lying, bullying, power, betrayal, misogyny, bonking, and lacking vision. It’s like Question Time on steroids and 100% spin-free. Fair dinkum!

9pm tonight on ABC.


  1. Glass Portcullis

    Watched this on iView a couple of weeks ago. There’s a whole raft of ex-pollies of both stripes who declined interview. Not surprising I guess, but there were a few who would have been good additions.

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