You Can’t Ask That: May 15

Tonight on You Can’t Ask That, deaf and hearing impaired Australians answer questions such as “What does being deaf feel like?”, “How do you swear in sign language?” and “Do people treat you like you’re stupid?’

People who are profoundly deaf have extremely poor hearing, or no hearing at all, without the aid of a device. Many use Auslan sign language as their first language, with some relying on cochlear implants, hearing aids or lipreading to communicate through spoken word. The individual experiences of deaf Australians vary greatly — some do not see their deafness as a disability or barrier in life, while others find their condition socially isolating and difficult to manage. Through sign and speech, eight profoundly deaf Australians discuss what (if anything) they can actually hear, how people treat them like they’re stupid, what they wish they could hear and how to swear and flirt in sign language.

9pm Wednesday on ABC.


    • Thanks, I always try to take on board. Last advice sent by FreeTV was “Appropriate when referring to the deaf community, or (capitalised) to people who identify as members of the signing Deaf community. Otherwise, someone “who is deaf, hard of hearing or a person with a hearing impairment.”

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