10 confirms Game of Games, Blind Date not returning.

10 updates on 2018 shows that have been awaiting news.

10 has confirmed Game of Games and Blind Date will not be returning.

But there are no decisions yet on more Peter Helliar / Lisa McCune sitcom How to Stay Married nor All Aussie Adventures

“We remain in active discussions for another season of Pete and Lisa in How to Stay Married and audiences always want more Coight!! However neither will return in 2019… 2020 maybe..?” said Network Head of Programming Daniel Monaghan.

Shark Tank and The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds are both strong additions to 10’s schedule and while not ruling out future series, neither are planned for 2019.

10 has also not yet shut the gate on Offspring, despite it last airing in 2017.

“We’ve never said no to more Offspring in the future… so we won’t break that trend now.”

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  1. I really did enjoy game of games and was hoping it might return this year: with a few tweaks (maybe more fun, newer games – created just for Australian audiences), the show would have more likely been a hit… Next year, it might have a chance?

    Also, was hoping for a season of Shark Tank this year but I’ll be happy enough to wait a year. Would like to see more shows about entrepreneurs & the world of business/commerce on commercial TV channels.

  2. That’s too bad about Game of Games and Blind Date. I liked those shows. But I do hope All Aussie Adventures, How To Stay Married, The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds and Shark Tank come back.

  3. Shark Tank needs to come back as an end of year show. The problem with having it at the start of year is that trash like MAFS would pummel it in the ratings, as people would rather see staged controversy over watching smart and potentially successful people getting a financial break to launch a career.

    1. No Shark Tank needs to work alongside Masterchef. It pulls great ratings after Masterchef at 9pm but then drops to 300k in any other slot. I’ve no idea why they didn’t repeat last year’s success of doubling it up.

  4. Can’t say l am shocked by this News. Their bigger issue is their 6 to 7.30pm ratings. Personally l would tackle ACA front on with a version of hard hitting current affairs program. Push the project back into the 6-7pm slot. Have Lisa as host or better still poach Karl from Nine.

      1. I’ll bet in all seriousness that Karl has been considered by Channel 10 for something in the 6pm-730pm timeslot.

        Karl will return – it’s just a matter of when and where.

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