9Now apologises for faulty Origin streaming

You had one job...

It was Game of Thrones 2017 all over again… or #floptus all over again…

Online demand to watch State of Origin last night sent 9Now into a tailspin.

Earlier in the day it promised this:

But by 8:26pm 9Now was apologising to all the complaints online.


Annoyed fans were not buying their next explanation….

Here’s a snapshot of their replies:

How is it unprecedented??????? Why is this always the excuse companies give when their streaming services crap out during a live event?? You knew it was coming m8

Bullshit unprecedented. What did you learn from Optus World Cup, the census, your trends of live matches and viewership stats. Apply that model with a level of competence and not skimp out of bandwidth and endpoints, you wouldn’t have a problem. FTA doesn’t deserve the rights.

Love how channel 9 sport thinks they are the best in the world and then this happens! – maybe give the livestream to Foxtel?!?

Maybe you could let @FOXNRLLive livestream it for us instead? I’m sure they will puke be ready for ‘unprecedented’ traffic

It seems to be resolved, but unprecedented? Come on, you can surely just take it on the chin say you stuffed up..it’s okay, we forgive you.

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  1. For those responders saying “why not give the live stream to Foxtel”, have they forgotten about when all the people watching Game of Thrones knocked their service out? There’s no guarantee that Foxtel would have done any better than Nine at this.

  2. To me this is just plain and simple unacceptable in this day and age. Several systems can grow their infrastructure on the fly to cope with demand using major cloud providers from AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google . Nine need to invest money in the platform it is growing at exponential rates and is the future of TV. Why haven’t they learnt from others?

  3. If it was paid service, I would be up and arms about it but still people are complaining for something that is free, why don’t you watch it on your telly you fools !

    1. “why don’t you watch it on your telly you fools !”
      Probably because many “fools” were not able to be in front of their “telly”. Commuting, at work, etc., etc.?

    2. I have really bad unwatchable TV reception where I live so I have no other option. I live in an apartment which makes it hard to get fixed. So people can have legitimate reasons to use the stream. Plus many ISP’s have caches to serve the content to save bandwidth and it could have been the ISP’s cache that had the issue not channel nine. However the system should hand off to the providers own network in such cases. But it’s still unacceptable in this day and age.

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